Clear Vinyl Tarp, 20mil, Size: 10' x 15'

Coversandall CVT1015 CVT1015 Order 20 mil clear vinyl tarps to protect automobiles and motorbikes from abrasion or weather damage. Free super saving shipping on all orders over $99. https://cdn.coversandall.ca/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/c/l/clear-1_2_13.jpg

Rectangle Shaped Clear Vinyl Tarps Are Waterproof & Weather Resistant

  • Vinyl tarps are a perfect shield against extreme temperatures.
  • Double stitching on seams adds durability.
  • Keeps out rain & wind.
  • Made of lightweight & long-lasting 20 mil-thick polyethylene material.
  • Rust-free brass grommets placed at the corners toughen up seams.
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Tough 20 Mil Vinyl Tarps are Heat Resistant and Lightweight

The unpredictable weather can put a damper on a barbecue or outdoor party you planned a month ago. Don't let the rain or strong winds get you down. Let your porch stay dry and comfortable under a sheltering canopy provided by our 10' x 15' clear transparent tarps.

These sturdy patio clear tarps are moisture, mildew, and corrosion-resistant. When covered by our clear vinyl tarps, they protect your weekend leisure automobile, boat or motorbike from dust, abrasion or weather damage. Just shake out the snow dumped by the snowstorm, and your vehicle is ready.

Our stylish and functional translucent tarp curtains placed at entrances of homes, restaurants, or commercial enterprises serve multiple purpose. Permitting unobstructed world views outside, our clear vinyl tarps keep out the rain and strong winds. Staving off severe weather, they help conserve energy and provide visitors with an inviting, dry, and comfortable atmosphere. Our sturdy custom vinyl tarp curtains keep dust, debris, and insects at bay.Insulated temperature-controlled greenhouses made with our 20 mil clear vinyl tarps help plants grow and flourish. These greenhouses are ubiquitous on farms and even your backyard for growing tender fruit, vegetables or even industrial farming of flowers.

Dual Lock Seams Strengthen our Clear Transparent Tarps

For better construction and clear porch tarps, Covers & All offers double-lock seams on all our clear vinyl tarps. Adding years to them, these reinforced seams keep the tarps doing a top job for years to come.

Rust-free brass grommets reinforce the edges of our heavy-duty clear tarps at a distance of 2" to toughen up the seams. You can tie down your vinyl tarps for better insulation by running a drawstring through these grommets.

20 Mil Clear Vinyl Tarps Are Suitable for Industrial Uses

Choose our clear transparent tarps to beef up insulation and keep out strong winds. Our tear and abrasion-resistant tarps suit a variety of uses in households, commercial enterprises, restaurants, factory sites and farms, etc. Lightweight and long-lasting, they effectively help conserve energy.

These stylish, functional 1'’ x 1'’ clear porch tarps solve stave off rising energy bills. Placing an order for these clear vinyl tarps online is easy. They will approach your doorstep in no time. Order now!

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