Clear Vinyl Tarp, 20mil, Size: 6' x 8'

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Our Clear Vinyl Tarps are Compatible for Porch Enclosures

  • Tarp material is UV resistant.
  • Their tear and abrasion-resistant material makes them durable & long-lasting.
  • Temperature resistant between 14 to 122 degree F.
  • Brass grommets provided at every 24".
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Our 20 Mil Clear Vinyl Tarps are Strong and Long Lasting

Our clear transparent tarps are your best bet when you need to cover outdoor spaces that need protection from strong winds, dust and debris. Being transparent, they do not block out the sunlight. However, as they are UV resistant, these clear vinyl tarps do not get damaged by ultraviolet radiation. It’s a tarp that retains its new looks and transparency for a long period.

While using our transparent tarps with grommets outdoors, you need not worry about any nicks or cuts while installing them. That’s because these tarps are tear and abrasion-resistant and can withstand everyday handling with little trouble. Come rain or snow, our clear vinyl tarps offer protection from these elements while you still get to enjoy the view.

Does your location experience a range of temperatures? Does it gets pretty hot in summer and quite cold in winter? Fret not, our translucent tarps endure a temperature range from 14 to 122 degrees F. This enables them to retain their shape and flexibility even during extreme weather conditions.

The 20 mil clear vinyl tarps are waterproof and snow resistant. You can happily use them in environs that receive much rain or snow without having to worry about any water seeping into your equipment and damaging it. Being transparent, the tarps let you monitor the equipment they are covering as well.

Clear Transparent Tarps Include Brass Grommets

The brass grommets provided on double lock seams are rust-free. We place these grommets at every 24" so that you can secure the transparent tarps with grommets by simply running a cord or drawstring through them. The reinforced edges of the tarps ensure you get a product that does not get frayed or come apart over a period.

Our translucent tarps are best suited for porch enclosures or patios. While they protect whatever is inside, they also provide you with an unobstructed view of your surroundings. So, a hot cup of coffee while it is snowing outside is best enjoyed with a view provided by our clear vinyl tarps.

If you are the types who can stare into a storm, our 20 mil clear vinyl tarps can facilitate that too. That’s because these tarps are wind resistant and do not get blown off even by high-wind speed. This also means that you will not have to undergo removing the tarps every time a storm is looming on the horizon.

The 20 Mil Clear Vinyl Tarps Feature Numerous Applications

Our clear transparent tarps are great at protecting your furniture, equipment, transportation loads, etc. They can cover places that need to receive sunlight regularly, like greenhouses, farm beds, playhouses, etc. They make for great curtains for open patios or balconies. You can use them in your offices, at construction sites, campsites, in industrial settings, or also to cover things in shaded or semi-shaded areas. So click to order now, and we will deliver our custom vinyl tarps right to your doorstep.Didn’t find what you were looking for? Need to find something else? Take a look at our other custom covers here.

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