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Shop Standard Size Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarps for Outdoor Protection

Get uncompromising weather protection for your valuables with our Standard size Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarps. They are designed with waterproof and UV-resistant fabric in fixed sizes to keep unpredictable weather conditions at bay. They are also resistant to tears and abrasions making them a formidable ally for your valuables.

The heavy-duty tarps are designed with 18 oz vinyl material that lends them sturdiness to make them withstand extreme weather variations. Your valuables will be safe from dust, dirt, unpleasant bird droppings using our exceptional tarps.

Browse through bestselling products that include heavy-duty vinyl tarps in different standard sizes to meet your requirements.

Buy Waterproof & UV-Resistant Heavy-Duty Tarps to Beat Unpredictable Rain & Sun Damage

Safeguard your valuables with our standard size heavy-duty vinyl tarps that are specially designed to combat adverse weather conditions. These tarps boast impressive water, tear, abrasion, and UV resistance, ensuring your belongings stay protected and in pristine condition.

Weatherproof Fabric: The vinyl tarp weighs approximately 18 oz and is constructed using waterproof and UV-resistant fabric. The heavy-duty material is able to withstand extreme climate making the tarps your go-to option for protecting your outdoor valuables from the ferocity of unpredictable weather.

Standard Size: The heavy-duty tarps for sale are available in standard sizes. You can choose the size given on our site for covering your belongings. If you require any customization in size, we recommend ordering our custom heavy-duty tarps that can be modified in size according to your requirements.

Moisture Protection: Safeguard your belongings with our exceptional waterproof heavy-duty tarps, designed to prevent moisture seepage that could lead to harmful mildew growth and fabric disintegration. Moisture can cause irreversible damage to your valuables, making them unsalvageable even with repairs. However, our tarps create a strong barrier, effectively inhibiting moisture permeation and ensuring your items remain dry and well-protected.

Sun Protection: Intense sunlight can be just as harmful as water damage for your custom round shape heavy-duty vinyl tarps. Prolonged exposure to high UV radiation can cause discoloration and make your tarps look worn and faded. Moreover, your outdoor furniture and other colored valuables may lose their shine due to UV exposure. Fear not, our UV-resistant tarps provide reliable protection, safeguarding your belongings from such damage and maintaining their vibrant appearance even in the face of harsh sunlight.

Tear and Abrasion Resistance: Our best heavy-duty tarps unlike ordinary tarps that easily succumb to scratches and scruff marks when encountering sharp objects are built to endure. They can withstand regular wear and tear, ensuring their longevity and maintaining their high-quality performance over time. With these tarps, you can have confidence in their durability, knowing they will withstand the challenges of everyday use and serve you for an extended shelf life.

Application: The tarps can be used for a variety of purposes that will shield your valuables from the outside world while ensuring an aesthetic appeal. You can use the tarps in gazebos, patios, bars, decks, loading docks, pavilions, and many other outdoor areas. The solid-colored tarps will give the ultimate protection while enhancing privacy from prying eyes.

Our Best Heavy-Duty Tarps Come Equipped with Grommets

The heavy-duty tarps are available in several standard sizes that enables you to make the best choice. They come equipped with grommets for adding weight and stability to the tarp. These grommets are placed at an equal distance of 24” inches interval for hassle-free installation.

You can use the grommets with ropes or bungee cords to tie the ends together and create a safe environment for your valuables.

Order these heavy-duty vinyl tarps in standard sizes for complete protection of your outdoor machinery or equipment!

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