High Strength Mesh Tarp, 6oz, Size: 15' x 25'

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High Strength Mesh Tarps Beat the Harsh Sun and Strong Winds

  • Mesh tarps are available in a standard size of 15' x 25'.
  • Made of breathable & water repellent fabric.
  • Come with brass grommets placed at every 24" across the edges.
  • Perfect for covering extensive areas, creating barriers, shade, privacy, drainage, etc.
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Highly Preventive Heavy-Duty Mesh Tarps Include Double-Folded Hems

Looking for a highly durable, protective material to keep your outdoor equipment and materials shielded from the elements? You might ask yourself, are tarps an excellent investment? Will they be able to handle all weather conditions with ease - even in your absence? Covers & All offers a perfect solution for you. Our custom mesh tarps come armed with all the essential features that will solve all such problems and worries of yours in one go.

These outdoor mesh tarps are ideal for keeping all the ill effects of the elements at bay and letting all that shielding remain safe. They are also suitable for the transport sector - for covering cargo in a truck bed, covering enormous areas like open pools and fields, camping sites or baseball courts, etc. You can also use them as canopy tops, to cover materials in warehouses, for creating barriers, keeping debris in control, and more.

We made our patio tarps of high-quality fabric that is exceptionally lightweight yet sturdy and durable. The perforations in the fabric allow partial sunshine, air, and water to easily pass through. By blocking out harsh UV rays and high-force winds, they make the area they are covering pleasant enough for you to sit in and enjoy the outdoors.

The heavy-duty mesh tarps come with double-folded seams for added strength and durability. Available in a convenient size of 15' x 25', they come with a graphic weight of 6 oz.

Our Custom Mesh Tarps Come with Abrasion and Mildew Resistant Fabrics

Our outdoor mesh tarps have abrasion and mildew-resistant fabric. These tear and abrasion-proof properties ensure the tarps remain unaffected by friction, rubbing, or grazing. The tarps do not tear and come apart in pieces even when covering hard, uneven surfaces.

The perforations in the fabric allow for an easy airflow that does not let any living substances like mildew form on their surface. Our black mesh tarps come with a 2-year warranty.

Heavy-Duty Mesh Tarps Feature Brass Grommets

The custom mesh tarps come with rust-free brass grommets that are placed at a distance of 24" along with the corners. A drawstring running through these grommets works to both easily tie the tarps or hang them on hooks. Order now for our high-strength mesh tarps and stay protected always. We will deliver them right to your doorstep.

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