High Strength Mesh Tarp, 6oz, Size: 24' x 36'

Coversandall HSMT2436 HSMT2436 Shop online for heavy-duty mesh tarps for your business at Covers & All to preserve your valuables. Free super saver shipping on all orders over $99. https://cdn.coversandall.ca/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/m/e/mesh-1-1_23.jpg

Sturdy 24'x 36' Mesh Tarps Provide Protection Against All-Weather Conditions

  • Mesh tarps are available in a standard size of 24' x 36'.
  • Made of breathable & waterproof fabric.
  • Come with brass grommets placed at every 24" along the edges.
  • Ideal for creating barriers, shade, privacy, windscreen, etc.
  • Come with a 2-year warranty.
FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $99.00

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Highly Protective Heavy-Duty Mesh Tarps are Perfect for Keeping Intruders Away

Looking to add a smart sunscreen on your patio without burning a hole in your pocket? Made with absolute accuracy and care, our custom mesh tarps are durable and promise to block out harsh UV rays and strong winds with ease. Perfect for use for months on end, our high-strength mesh tarps are also useful for keeping prying eyes away.

Made to combat unfavourable weather conditions, our outdoor mesh tarps come with permeable fabric. This allows air, sunshine, and water to pass through its perforations easily. Our mesh tarps are ideal not just for covering farmlands/garden beds as they keep tender plants safe but also for livestock during transportation.

Robust and lightweight, we manufactured our patio tarps using top-quality fabric. Besides their household applications, these 24' x 36' mesh tarps are ideal for commercial purposes such as construction, trucking, manufacturing, landscaping, etc.

Placed along the corners, high-quality brass grommets provide additional strength to our heavy-duty mesh tarps. These grommets do not get rusted or corrode even on continuous exposure to the ill effects of the weather. For a better grip, they feature grommets at every 24," and you can hang or tie them easily.

Custom Mesh Tarps Include Double-Thick Hems

We sewed our outdoor mesh tarps with double-thick hems ideal for keeping them from tearing on strong, windy days. Designed to withstand harmful UV rays, our high-strength mesh tarps will let you enjoy your outdoor sojourns, even on the hottest of sunny days.

We uniquely crafted our patio tarps to prevent abrasions and mildew formation. These durable tarps can sustain for an extended period if taken proper care of. They come with a warranty of 2 years on their cover mesh tuff fabric.

Order Heavy-Duty Mesh Tarps for Superior Protection

Place an order for our custom mesh tarps and keep unwanted elements like debris away from your backyard or pool. We can ship anywhere our durable tarps around the world. Order now!Didn't find what you were looking for? Need to find something else? Take a look at our other custom covers here.

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