High Strength Mesh Tarp, 6oz, Size: 25' x 50'

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Multi-Purpose High Strength Mesh Tarps For Multiple Uses

  • Made of durable quality fabric.
  • Moderately UV-resistant fabric.
  • Include grommets at the perimeter.
  • 25' X 50' in dimensions and 6 Oz graphic weight.
  • Fabric is abrasion-resistant.
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High Strength Mesh Tarps Made From Porous and UV-Resistant Textile

Custom mesh tarps are the most versatile covers around. They are ideal for a range of tasks. They are well-suited in an assortment of areas, including the patio, pool, tennis court, ball field, backyard, truck beds, construction sites, and much more. We at Cover & All have a wide range of premium quality tarps to suit your requirements.

Our outdoor mesh tarps feature closely-knit and durable fabrics. Their open weave designs are porous and breathable. They allow just the right amount of air and water to pass through. Even though they are porous, they can block flying debris, bugs, and large-sized dirt particles.

Being lightweight, with a graphic weight of 6 Oz, they have many benefits and are compatible for multiple functions. Sunscreens, windscreens, covers for truckloads, agricultural produce, plants, animals, etc., usually become hard during winters. But our patio tarps stay flexible through all seasons, making them convenient to use all year round, summer or winter.

Their durable and UV-resistant fabric makes them a popular choice for sunshades. Blocking the damaging UV rays, they let light filter in to keep the environment pleasant. The filtering of sun and air also resists the growth of mildew. We offer a warranty of up to 2-years with our high-strength mesh tarps.

Our Custom Mesh Tarps Feature Grommets for Tying Down The Mesh Tarps

We have added strong brass grommets to make tying down and securing these outdoor mesh tarps are safe, fast, and easy. We added these grommets at a distance of 24 inches around the perimeter of the seams. The eyelets become stronger and reinforced with them.

The patio tarps' hems are double-folded for extra thickness. This ensures the safety of the grommets and prevents the edges from tearing and splitting. Thick hems and solid grommets make tying down safer.

High Strength Mesh Tarps are Abrasion-proof

Covering construction sites or agricultural areas, the mesh tarps need to be prepared for covering rough areas. Hence, being resistant to abrasions is a much-needed feature. The heavy-duty fabric of our custom mesh tarps will not scratch or bruise easily despite much provocation. So, order now!Didn't find what you were looking for? Need to find something else? Take a look at our other custom covers here.

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