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Protect Your Furniture in Style with Highly-Durable Ottoman Cover

  • Offer protection from dust, dirt & moderate weather conditions.
  • Available with fixed size dimensions.
  • Resistant to water, UV, & mildew for longevity.
  • Features excellent resistance to tearing & abrasion, offering ultimate protection.
  • Long-lasting covers are made using high-tensile strength fabric.

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Our Water-Proof Ottoman Covers are Made with High-Tensile Strength Fabric

Transform your room instantly with ultra-chic & highly durable Ottoman Covers. Our high-tensile strength covers create a clean foundation that complements any decorating style. These covers can last long for several years & needs minimum maintenance. Accommodating any array of styles, these versatile covers come in various colors and can adjust to any sized ottoman.

Our Ottoman Covers are specially engineered to resist abrasion, UV rays, mildew, and water. Made out of 100% solution-dyed polyester fabric, our covers are highly functional and are best suited for semi-shaded to moderate weather conditions.

We use high-quality fabric for our square/rectangle Ottoman Covers, which are lightweight and offer longevity. With a thickness of 600 denier, these covers are durable.

Option to tie down with the robust drawstring at the bottom, our rectangle/square Ottoman Covers offer secure and easy binding. Besides, their clean and sleek look will add an extra edge to your furniture.

Add an Extra Layer of Protection to your Cover with LeakProof Air Bags

Keeps water away from the surface of the fabric, our square/rectangle table covers are water repellant. However, there are chances of water leakage at the seams due to puddling or water stagnation for a long time period. To avoid leakage from seams, we would recommend placing airbags beneath the Ottoman Covers.

The high-quality airbags provide 100% waterproof covering to your ottoman, allowing water to drain quickly. The use of airbags prevents water from pooling or puddling at the seams or corners, protecting the ottoman beneath it from any likelihood of water leakage.

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