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Fully-Functional and Extremely Durable Outdoor Sofa/Loveseat Covers

  • Use of premium quality Cover Rite fabric for ultimate protection.
  • Choice of fixed size dimensions and colors is available.
  • Equipped with sturdy drawstrings for convenient usage.
  • Made out of water-repellent, mildew & UV-resistant material.
  • Our outdoor sofa cover comes with 2 years of warranty.

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Highly Protective Covers Are The Key To The Longevity Of Your Outdoor Sofas

Distressed outdoor sofas, loveseats, or couches never look inviting. But inevitably, outdoor furniture is bound to age and wear over time owing to direct exposure to elements like rain, debris, sun, etc. Then how do you safeguard your furniture from getting impaired over time? The solution is simple & straightforward - keep it covered with our water-repellent, high-strength Outdoor Sofa and Loveseat Covers. Our multi-functional covers will not just safeguard your sofa/couch/loveseat but will also dress them in style and sophistication.

Synonymous with durability and sophistication, our sofa cover fabrics feature a variety of characteristics and functionalities. Our Cover Rite fabric offers absolute protection when used in moderate weather conditions. The fabric has high tensile strength and does not wear off with time. The 600 denier material is lightweight and offers resistance against tear & abrasion.

Availability of an array of fabric colors allows you to match your peculiar outdoor living aesthetics. The choice of fabric colors is versatile enough to resonate both with minimalists and maximalists. To add on, matching drawstring tie-downs will elevate your sofa cover design and enhance its functionality at the same time.

To suit your outdoor patio or living furniture size, style, and shape, we offer a range of predefined fixed-size covers. Once you have measured your sofa, couch, or loveseat’s dimensions, select the ideal dimensions from the ones that we offer.

Safeguard Your Outdoor Furniture Against Unexpected Weather Elements

Unexpected weather conditions can ruin your perfect outdoor sofa. You need our outdoor sofa/loveseat covers that are resilient to water and harmful UV rays. The covers protect your valuable furniture from rain, winds, snow, sleet, and harmful sunlight. These covers are perfect for semi-shaded regions.

You can easily enhance the efficiency of these covers by using air bags underneath them. Water collected on the covers can get leaked through the seams and damage your precious furniture. However, placing air bags under the covers forms an arch which facilitates proper water drainage, providing unfailing protection.

Easy & Quick Ordering Instructions For Our Fixed-Size Outdoor Sofa Covers

  1. Select Size - Select a predefined size that matches your sofa/loveseat/couch size.
  2. Choose - Choose from fabric & fabric colors and tie-down options.
  3. Order - Place your order.

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