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Keep Patio in Pristine Condition with Outdoor Vinyl Curtains

  • Clear and opaque curtains are available in 3 fabric variants.
  • Customize the size to meet your requirement.
  • Waterproof, tear and abrasion-resistant material.
  • Personalize the PVC-coated curtains with a logo/text.
  • Grommets and other additional customizations are available.

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Shop for Waterproof Outdoor Vinyl Curtains in Canada

Enjoy the outdoor weather without disturbing elements like rain and intense sun. Use our Outdoor Vinyl Curtains to experience a sense of seclusion while keeping the outdoor elements at bay. Resistant to tears, water and abrasions, these curtains give lasting protection.

Tarp Max is Ideal for Moderate Weather: Tarp Max is made for 1000 Denier, 15 mil thick, PVC-coated polyester that gives protection from moderate weather conditions. It weighs approximately 12 oz.

Tarp Tuff is Apt for Extreme Weather: Tarp Tuff is crafted from 1000 Denier, 18 mil thick, PVC-coated polyester that can endure extreme weather conditions. It weighs approximately 18 oz.

Tarp Clear Offers Unobstructed View: The Tarp Clear fabric is made of 48 PHR, 20 mil thick, ultra-clear PVC that gives a clear view of the outdoors. It weighs approx. 18 oz.

Customize the Curtains to Your Requirement: The size of every outdoor area and requirement may differ. This means that standard-sized outdoor vinyl curtains in Canada may be ill-fitting or may not serve the purpose of outdoor element protection. Our measuring guide will help you take dimensions for the outdoor area for a customized product.

Waterproof & UV-Resistant Curtains: Tarp Max and Tarp Tuff are made of opaque fabric and offer protection from water and UV radiation. Surprise showers, gusty winds, snow and intense sunlight may restrict you from rejoicing in the outdoor seating experience of your patio. Our outdoor vinyl curtains waterproof feature ensures that moisture damage is minimized. UV radiation can over time lead to discolouration, our fabric keeps the colour intact as it is UV-resistant.

Tear & Abrasion-Resistant: The outdoor curtains ensure protection from scratches and scruffs because they exhibit tear and abrasion resistance. Prolonged use can sometimes lead to deterioration of the material but our scratchproof material ensures the clear vinyl curtains for patio remain factory-fresh for a long time. Double-seam stitching provides additional robustness to the curtains.

Personalise to Make an Impression: Our curtains are distinct from others because they give you the option to personalize them according to the logo or text of your choice. You have the option to choose the font style and the colour and view the preview before the personalised logo/text is printed.

Versatile Uses: The vinyl curtains for outdoor patio are ideally used in construction sites, patios, porches or gazebos. The opaque curtains extend a semblance of privacy from prying eyes while the clear curtains are transparent. They let you enjoy the outdoor view while keeping you protected from rainfall and strong winds.

Our Vinyl Curtains for Patio Come with Warranty Coverage

Warranty Coverage: Our heavy-duty vinyl curtains come with warranty coverage spanning from 1 to 5 years. Tarp Max has warranty coverage of up to 3 years while Tarp Tuff has warranty coverage of up to 5 years. Tarp Clear comes with warranty coverage of up to 1 year.

Colour Options: Tarp Max is available in standard colour choices such as black, brown, blue, white, grey, royal blue and beige. Tarp Tuff is available in vibrant colours like grey, black, red and coffee. Tarp clear is a transparent fabric with a clear view.

Our Vinyl Curtains for Outdoor Patio Have Several Tie-Down Options

Grommets & Additional Options: The use of customizable grommets makes hanging the curtains a breeze. You can also customise the curtains with 4” pockets along the bottom width. Choose to add a weighted chain sewn for adding weight to the curtains to make them stay in a rooted spot during gusty winds.

Buy these long-lasting pieces to add a stylish appearance to your patios. For any special requests for customizations, put them up in our specific instructions box.

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