Heavy Duty Round-Shaped Tarps

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Protect Your Possessions with Heavy Duty Round-Shaped Tarps

  • Perfect for moderate to inclement weather.
  • Customize the size of the tarp as required.
  • Available in an array of colours & tie-downs.
  • Resistant to water, UV rays, tears & abrasions.
  • Get warranty coverage for up to 5 years.

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Buy UV Resistant & Waterproof Round Tarps

If your equipment, construction items, etc., are exposed outdoors, chances are that they can get damaged soon. Covers & All’s Heavy-Duty Round Shaped Tarps protect them from dust, dirt, rain, etc. Made to brave all weather elements, our tarps are the finest accessory for all sheathing needs.

Weatherproof Fabric: The tarps are made using premium fabrics to combat all weather conditions. Our Tarp Max and Tarp Clear fabrics can withstand moderate weather conditions whereas Tarp Tuff combats inclement weather. We use 1000 denier, PVC-coated polyester for Tarp Max fabric and Tarp Tuff fabric and 48 PHR ultra clear PVC for Tarp Clear fabric.

UV & Water Resistant: Owing to UV resistance, these circular tarps won’t get affected by intense sunlight. Downpours, dust, debris and all other factors can fetch the tarps sheen in no time, to cater to this, all our round tarps are designed using waterproof fabric.

Tear & Abrasion Resistant: Besides these brilliant properties, the circular tarps are bestowed with tear and abrasion resistant properties to keep your valuables in pristine condition always.

Custom-Made: The tarps are available for customization, helping you get a custom-fit tarp for a sleek look. No matter what dimension you are looking for, our customization option will be your best bet.

Personalized: Want to give a distinctive look to your round tarp? Our personalization features boast easy options to help you add a hint of personality. You can add your brand name or personal name, logo, quotes, etc., as per your preferences.

Add Grommets to Your Circular Tarp for Best Protection

Grommets & D-Rings: Equipped with sturdy grommets and D-rings, the round tarp is easy to install and won’t slip from its place. The available grommet placements are 6”/12”/18”/and 24”. We offer D-rings in two placements- 12" and 24”.

Multiple Colours: From black, brown, and blue, to white, our plethora of colour options will ease your colour selection process. These striking hues flawlessly blend almost with every décor.

Get a Warranty Coverage on Circular Tarps

Warranty & Discount: Get warranty coverage of up to 5 years on Tarp Tuff, 3 years warranty on Tarp Max and 1-year warranty on Tarp Clear. Additionally, you can get these striking round tarps for sale during festive offers/discounts.

Shop our custom heavy-duty tarps for sale and enjoy your clean and dry assets always.

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