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Get All Weather Protection with UV Resistant & Heavy-Duty Specialized Tarps

Covers & All Canada Specialized Tarps offer unparalleled protection from rain, UV rays, mildew, and tears. With sturdy grommets, custom sizes, and durable materials, they outperform regular tarps, providing all-weather safety for outdoor belongings.

Tarp Poly fabric for moderate weather, Tarp Curing fabric, and Insulated Tarps fabric for inclement conditions offer reliable protection. Made of 700 deniers, 5-400 mil thick, laminated HDPE woven, these tarps ensure durability for industrial applications.

Covers & All top-selling specialized tarps consist of three exceptional products. First, the hay tarps effectively protect hay bales and crops from weather damage. The concrete blankets ensure efficient concrete curing under adverse conditions. Lastly, the custom insulated tarps offer unparalleled protection for valuable items in extreme weather conditions.

Shop Durable Custom Specialty Tarps for Waterproof Protection

Covers & All specialty tarps offer unmatched protection for your belongings. Designed to shield from rain, UV rays, mildew, and tears, these durable tarps come in custom sizes, offer waterproofing, and withstand inclement weather. Weatherproof Fabrics: These custom specialty tarps are available in three weatherproof fabrics. Tarp Poly fabric for moderate conditions features700 denier, 5 mil thick HDPE material. Tarp Curing and Insulated Tarps use durable 700 denier, 400 mil thick HDPE woven laminated fabric, perfect for harsh weather and industrial applications.

Custom Size: Enjoy easy size customization at Covers & All. By providing exact measurements for your valuables/space, you can get tailor-made tarps that offer perfect fit and coverage. We offer standard tarps for your convenience as well.

Mildew Resistant: These mildew-resistant specialty tarps offer optimal protection, keeping your items safe, fresh, and odor-free. Custom insulated tarps and concrete blankets effectively resist mildew growth.

Waterproof: Shield your outdoor equipment and belongings from the rain with our reliable waterproof specialty tarps. Premium materials ensure your items stay safe and dry in heavy rain or wet conditions.

UV Resistant: Protect your valuable possessions from the sun's damaging rays with our UV-resistant custom & standard size tarps. Specialized hay tarp and concrete blanket prevent fading, discoloration, and deterioration, extending the lifespan of your belongings.

Vibrant Colors: Choose from a range of colors for your waterproof specialty tarps. Tarp poly fabric offers black and blue options, while tarp curing fabric comes in black. For custom insulated tarps, find the perfect blue shade to suit your needs.

Warranty: We stand behind our products' quality with a 1-year warranty coverage for all specialty tarps.

Get Assured Warranty with Added Grommets & Webbings

These versatile tarps find applications in various industries, providing durability and reliable protection for industrial equipment and outdoor storage. Upgrade with grommets and webbing options for secure fastening. Available at intervals of 6”, 12”, 18”, or 24” on all four sides, our grommets strengthen your tarps, making them reliable for any task. For enhanced fastening options, opt for our insulated tarps with D-rings, Velcro, and webbing choices.

These heavy-duty tarps offer versatile solutions, guaranteeing secure and efficient usage. Covers & All specialized tarps offer all-weather protection for outdoor belongings. Choose from weatherproof options for moderate, inclement, and cold conditions, ensuring reliable safety.

Experience maximum protection with our exceptional range of specialty tarps for sale. Buy our top-selling tarps now!

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