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Buy Custom Truck Tarps for All-Round Protection

Deliver your haul safely and efficiently to the destination with Covers & All Custom Truck Tarps. Ideal for ultimate protection, the weatherproof truck tarps will keep your goods properly covered and protected from water, harsh UV rays, dust, debris, downpours, tears, abrasion, etc. Made of heavy-duty fabric, the trucking tarps are also available for customization. All you need to do is share the right measurements with us for a perfect fit as per your preferences. We offer numerous tarps for different sheathing needs. From dump truck tarps, to lumber tarps- double flap, coil tarps, lumber tarp – single flap, and 3-piece lumber tarps, our tarps options have got you covered. We also provide an option to personalize dump truck tarps with text, logo, etc. Featuring tears and abrasion-resistant fabric, the magnetic truck tarps are sturdy and do not get damaged by cuts, slits, tears, abrasions, etc.

Get Trucking Tarps in Varied Fabrics and Assorted Colours

Our dump truck tarp features two top-quality fabrics Tarp Max and Tarp Tuff. Both fabrics are made of 1000 denier, PVC-coated polyester fabrics. Weighing 18 oz, Tarp Tuff fabric 1000 denier, 18 mil thick PVC-coated polyester, makes our tarps highly durable and long-lasting. The tarps weigh 18 oz and are easy to port from one location to another. Whereas Tarp Max being lightweight carries a 12 oz weight. Tarp Max is ideal for moderate weather conditions while Tarp Tuff is perfect for inclement weather. Offering a plethora of colour options, our Tarp Max fabric is available in black, white, blue, gray, brown, and beige. While our truck bed tarps in Tarp Tuff fabrics are available in four striking hues. You can choose from red, blue, black and gray.

Dump Truck Tarps are Available with a Warranty

Our truck tarps are heavy-duty and stand the test of time. From pickup truck tarps to lumber tarps and magnetic truck tarps, our waterproof tarps are long-lasting. They come with a 3-to-5-year warranty, with respect to the tarp fabric you choose. For convenient transit through rain or intense sunshine, our reliable canvas covers for trucks are available with rustproof metal grommets and D-rings. Grommets spaced appropriately at 6”/12”/18”/ or 24” and D-rings at 12”/24”, our tarps will stay firm and won’t slip even during strong winds. We also offer 1.5” reinforced webbing sewn around the perimeter for a sleek appearance. If you are looking to buy more than one item, our bulk discount offer has got you covered. The more items you buy, the more discounts you get. You can also check our truck tarps for sale during the festive season. Shop for these custom truck tarps and enjoy a stress-free haul.

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