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Keep Your Car in Pristine Condition with Versatile Sedan Car Covers

  • Available in weatherproof fabrics- Duro Pro & Duro Max.
  • Custom-made for car models keeping snug-fit in mind.
  • Equipped with tiedowns for easy installation.
  • Comes with a warranty of up to 10 years.
  • Available in multiple colour options.

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Buy Eye-catching Large Sedan Car Covers Crafted with High-Quality Fabric

One of the proactive and worthy investments to preserve your vehicle’s sheen is a weatherproof Sedan Car Cover. Designed to keep all unwanted elements at bay, Cover & All’s car cover is a winning choice for sure.

Duro Max Fabric for Shaded/Semi-Shaded Regions: Ideal for semi-shaded areas, our Duro Max fabric comes knitted with 180 GSM thickness and is highly sturdy. With a perfect amalgamation of polyester and spandex, you can rest assured of the covers’ shape retention. They are extremely stretchy and wrinkle-proof, offering a sleek and appealing look to your car.

Duro Pro Fabric for Inclement Weather: For moderate weather conditions, our Duro Pro fabric is perfect. Composed of 5oz non-woven fabric, our covers are highly breathable. Duro Pro fabric can be a pick for their anti-static nature inhibits the accumulation of static charges, protecting your car from getting damaged through an electric charge.

Tie-downs For Secure Fit: A protective car cover is an inevitable investment to safeguard your vehicle. To reinforce the cover with extra strength and durability, a tie-down is the best option. Our sturdy tie-downs such as drawstring and corner elastic provide a perfect fit to your car and will cinch your cover with a firm grip in all seasons.

Guaranteed-Fit: We provide Honda Civic car cover, Toyota Camry car cover, and all type of car covers for sedans in custom sizes. Whether you need a mid-size car cover size for sedan or a large sedan car cover, our customization option helps curate covers as per your requirement.

Welded Seams: Welded using ultrasonic technology, the seams stop water from entering, adding more life to the cover.

Warranty: Backed by a warranty of up to 5 years (Duro Max) and up to 10 years (Duro Pro), these durable covers are a worthy investment.

Free-Storage Bag: You can store your cover in the storage bag when not in use. The storage bag will keep the cover in perfect shape.

Tear and Abrasion Resistant Sedan Car Covers Last Long

Tear and Abrasion Resistance: Both of our fabrics provide tear and abrasion resistance to keep your car looking brand new. These properties proffer shield against tears, abrasion, rupture, mildew, etc. for an everlasting sheen.

Colour Options: Depending on the fabric you choose, our car cover for Sedan comes in lovely shades like brown, gray, and white for a minimalist and elegant appearance.

Sedan Covers are Easy to Order & Maintain

Hassle-free Order Placement: We have a straightforward and hassle-free ordering process. Simply submit the necessary measurements, and select the fabric, and colour of your choice to place your order and relax. We will deliver your exquisite custom sedan car cover to your doorstep.

Washing Instructions:
Duro Max: Gentle machine wash inside out with mild detergent and warm water (recommended) and dry for the next use. Use non-chlorine beach, only if necessary. Approx. 20 washes are suggested.
Duro Pro: Advised to not wash and dry the fabric at high temperatures. Clean with soft wet wipes. Recommended to avoid overbleaching as it can damage the cover and turn it yellow.

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