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Secure Your Car with our High-Quality Sports Car Covers

  • Customise sports car covers for a snug fit.
  • Free storage bag with tear & abrasions-proof covers.
  • Weatherproof Duro Pro fabric for outdoors.
  • Stretchable Duro Max fabric for semi-shaded areas.
  • Elastic tie-downs & push clips for utmost security.

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Shop for UV-Resistant Sports Car Cover for Ultimate Protection

Protect your cool sports car from scratches, dust and chipping with Covers & All customized Sports Car Covers and enjoy the thrilling driving experience. The waterproof and UV-resistant covers are a valuable accessory ensuring optimum coverage and protection.

Guaranteed Fit: An ill-suited cover can prove risky for your vehicle. It could result in scratches from friction that can take off the protective paint. Therefore, your special car deserves a special cover that is custom-made to fit it perfectly. From range rover sport car cover, Toyota 86 car cover, and Triumph spitfire car cover, we provide custom-made covers as per the exact model and manufacturer of your sports car.

Duro Max Fabric for Semi-Shaded/Shaded: The high-quality Duro Max cover is a soft and stretchable fabric with a stretchability ratio of 70: 30. It weighs around 5 oz and has a thickness of about 180 GSM. Use the cover for shaded and semi-shaded areas. Further, the cover fabric is wrinkle-free.

Duro Pro Fabric for Outdoors: Our Duro Pro covers are your clear choice if your region experiences extreme weather conditions. The non-woven fabric weighs around 5 oz, making the covers extremely durable. It can withstand inclement weather no matter how heavy it rains or intense the heat is.

Water-Resistant: The Duro Pro covers are made from water-resistant fabric that safeguards your car against rain, snow, sleet, dust, debris, etc. Further adding to the longevity of our covers, the fabric is tear & abrasion-proof.

UV-Resistant Covers: Your car’s surface gets oxidized by the harmful UV-radiations of the sun. Thus, we make our covers using UV-resistant fabric to maintain the shine and colour of your car for long.

Push Clips & Elastic Tie-Downs: On a windy or rainy day, car covers do not stay intact if not provided with strong tie-down options. No matter how great the fabric quality is, your covers will serve no benefit if not secured with tie-downs. Therefore, our covers are equipped with elastic tie-downs together with push clips, adding an extra layer of security to your car. Further, these tie-downs ensure that you can easily put up and pull-off the covers.

Welded Seams: The welded seams stop water from entering and damaging your precious car. Hence, adding more life to it.

Warranty: Our covers are backed by a warranty of up to 5-years for Duro Max and up to 10 years for Duro Pro.

Free-Storage Bag: We provide complementary storage bag to facilitate convenient storage. It keeps the cover in good shape when not in use.

Tear & Abrasion-Resistant Sports Car Covers in Multiple Colours

Tear & Abrasion-Resistant: We design our covers to be tear and abrasion-resistant to protect your car and them from scratches, cuts, splits, etc owing to regular wear and tear.

Colour Options: Available in a standard white colour, our Duro Max covers blend with almost every decor. There are two standard colour options for these Duro Pro covers— brown and gray.

Breathable & Anti-Static: The breathable nature of both the fabris allows sufficient airflow that further prevents overheating of your vehicle. Moreover, with its anti-static property, your car remains protected from electrostatic discharges in the surrounding.

Add Life to Your Sport Car with Easy Maintenance

Washing Instructions:
Duro Max: Gentle machine wash inside out with mild detergent and dry for the next use. Use non-chlorine beach, only if necessary. Approx. 20 washes are suggested.
Duro Pro: Advised to not wash and dry the fabric at high temperatures. Clean with soft wet wipes. Recommended to avoid overbleaching as it can damage the cover and turn it yellow.

So, why wait? Buy the quality sports car covers at Covers & All, today!

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