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Coversandall CarCover06 CarCover06 Buy tearproof van covers available in two varied fabrics & custom sizes for all-season protection. Free shipping on orders over $99. https://cdn.coversandall.ca/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/1/_/1.van.jpg

Premium Van Covers to Protect Your Van from Dust & Dirt

  • Made of durable fabrics: Duro Max & Duro Pro.
  • Custom-made van cover as per the model.
  • Weatherproof covers for shaded/semi-shaded & open areas.
  • Waterproof, breathable, UV-resistant & tearproof.
  • Comes with sturdy tie-downs & free storage bag.

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Shop Waterproof & UV-Resistant Van Covers for Shaded & Outdoor Areas

Keep your van spotless no matter where it is parked – in the open parking lot, under a sheltered wall or a shaded tree with Covers & All premium Van Covers. Get our weatherproof van car covers designed as per the exact model of your vehicle for shaded as well as open outdoor areas.

Non-Woven Duro Pro Fabric for Extreme Weather: Crafted to combat extreme weather conditions, our 5 oz Duro Pro non-woven fabric helps provide a layer of protective padding to cushion your vehicle from dust, debris, heavy rain, snow, extreme heat or strong winds. The highly waterproof and UV resistant fabric is suitable for outdoor use.

Stretchable Duro Max Fabric for Shaded/Semi-Shaded Areas: Our covers made of 180 GSM Duro Max material are stretchable and wrinkle-free. They comprise spandex in 70-30 ratio. Their remarkable stretchability makes them snug-fitted and protect your van from outside elements such as dust, dirt, debris, etc.

Custom-Made Covers for Guaranteed Fit: Snug-fitted covers take precedence when looking for ultimate protection and coverage for your vans. We design exclusive custom-made covers as per the selected model, manufacturer, year and body type of your vehicle. Whether it’s camper van cover or minivan car cover, customize it for any model and ensure optimum safety and guaranteed fit for your vehicle.

Welded Seams Increase Durability: We use ultrasonic fabric welding technology to hermetically seal the edges of the cover. This ensures complete water protection as the seams prevent any moisture through. This further increase durability.

Waterproof: Water can the pose a serious threat to your vehicle. Carefully designed to combat water damages, our waterproof van covers act as a barrier against the rainwater or snow from reaching the small scratches or chipped paint that can rust or corrode the exposed parts of your vehicle. Further, the cover protects your electrical components or interiors from uncertain impairment.

UV Blockage/Protection: Offering excellent UV protection, our best van covers can easily resist harsh UV rays. As the intense radiant heat of the Sun can fade the paint and make it appear flaky, our car covers for vans work like a sunscreen for your vehicle, blocking harmful UV light and preventing photodegradation and blotches.

Functional Tie-Downs for Wind Protection: The covers come equipped with sturdy elastic all around the bottom edge and a push clip closure in the middle for easy fastening. Handy and functional, the tie-downs prevent wind from lifting your cover and fix them in place no matter how windy the weather gets.

Stretchable & Soft Covers: Smooth and incredibly soft, the stretchable Duro Max fabric contains spandex. It instantly adapts to the van's distinctive curves, giving it a slick, high-end appearance. The soft fabric is easy to place and remove. It glides over the van effortlessly without leaving any scratches or scratching the paint.

Free Functional Storage Bag: We offer a handy yet spacious storage bag with our vehicle covers for no additional cost for hassle-free storage and ease of portability.

Warranty: Our Duro Max covers for shaded or semi-covered areas come with up to 5 years of warranty. The heavy duty Duro Pro covers for outdoors offer up to 10 years of warranty coverage.

Foldable Full Size Van Covers Resist Tears & Abrasions

Breathable: Allowing trapped moisture to evaporate quickly, our breathable van covers help keep your van dry and safe, even during rainy or winter season. Additionally, the breathable van covers offer better heat insulation as they allow heat to escape through the materials fast.

Foldable & Convenient Usage: Weighing approx. 5 oz, our van covers are sturdy yet lightweight. They are easy to fold and store, despite their large size. They are designed for everyday usage and to facilitate effortless sheathing and unsheathing. The resilient elastic at the bottom further enhances manoeuvrability.

Resist Tears & Abrasions: Considering extensive usage and inclement weather, we use heavy duty tear and abrasion-proof fabric to craft our van covers. The tough and stretchable fabric resists surface wear, scratches, scuffing, slitting, tearing, etc and stays impeccable all season round.

Van Covers Available in Multiple Hues are Easy to Maintain

Different Colours: We provide van covers in neutral white (Duro Max), brown and grey (Duro Pro) colours for their reflective cooling effect. Depending upon the fabric you choose, you can customize the colour.

Washing Instructions:
Duro Max: Gently machine wash the Duro Max fabric with mild detergent and avoid chlorine bleach. Approximately 20 washes are suggested.
Duro Pro: Advised to not wash or dry Duro Pro covers at high temperatures. Avoid overbleaching as it can damage the cover or turn it yellow. Only surface clean them with soft wet wipes is recommended.

You can get our van cover in Canada and worldwide. Explore our premium van covers for sale and shop for best van cover now!

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