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Maximize Your Vintage Car’s Protection with Protective Vintage Car Covers

  • Available in two fabrics- Duro Pro & Duro Max for semi-shaded areas & inclement weather.
  • Custom-made vintage car cover offers a glove-like fit.
  • Offering protection from tears & abrasion, the cover won’t damage easily.
  • Reinforced with Drawstraps & elastic for added security.
  • The cover offers warranty coverage of up to 10 Years.
  • Ideal for covered spaces, the Duro Max fabric keeps dust and scratches at bay.


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Get Top-Notch Vintage Car Covers for All-Year Protection

When looking for a car cover to protect your classic beauty from all the outer elements, you certainly want a cover that is worth the money spent. Well, we have got you covered with a top-notch vintage car cover to keep all the airborne elements such as bird dropping, dust accumulation, moisture, rain, harsh UV rays, or unintentional accidents at bay. Designed to overcome all these issues, our protective covers leave a pristine shine on your car like never before. 

Just like summer clothes can’t combat winter weather, a regular car cover can’t combat inclement weather conditions. Therefore, Cover & All offers you two durable fabric choices- Duro Max and Duro Pro. A mixture of polyester and spandex, our covers crafted from Duro Max fabric assures shape retention and are perfect for semi-shaded areas. Coming in 180 GSM thickness and weighing 5 Oz, our covers are enduring. Provided that they are able to retain their shape easily, the covers are highly stretchable and wrinkle-resistant. They won’t wrinkle even when you fold them to store for later use.

Excellent breathability, and water and UV resistant features endowed in our Duro Pro fabrics make them an indispensable choice for inclement weather conditions. Whether you park your car under a tree, or in your outdoors, you won’t have to worry about your valuable asset getting even the slightest damage from all these elements. Composed of 160 GSM thickness with 5 Oz weight, our covers outshine regular covers. Besides, they are anti-static, which means they won’t get affected by any static or electric charge that could possibly damage your classic beauty.

Apart from all these brilliant properties, our fabrics render tear and abrasion resistance. Both Duro Pro and Duro Max offer a warranty coverage of upto 10 Years with ultimate protection against cuts, tears, scratches, rupture, mildew, mould, etc. For a minimalist and unfussy choice, the white colour option by Duro Max perfectly marries all decor themes for a definite look. For a more vibrant appeal, choose brown or grey colour options by Duro Pro.

Custom-Make Your Vintage Car Covers for a Snug Fit

A perfectly fitted cover is one of the crucial elements for enhancing the cover's performance. And that's where the custom cover options from Covers & All do the job. With unlimited custom options, you no longer have to be concerned about your covers’ sizing issues. You can use our online measurement guide and send us the exact dimensions for a custom-fit cover.

Our order processing is now made much more convenient to elevate your experience. Simply select the fabric, colour, and size you are looking for and place your order. We will design your vintage car cover exclusively for you and deliver the finished product right to your doorstep.

Secure Your Car Covers for Vintage Car with Sturdy Tie-Downs

Add an extra layer of security to your car cover with our highly functional and reliable tie-downs. Made to safeguard your cover, our Drawstrap holds the ends tight for a tight fit. Elastic at the corner enables a firm grip so the cover won’t move easily.

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