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Coversandall CanineCover03 CanineCover03 Shop for Custom Dog Car Trunk/Cargo Cover made of 600 denier,lightweight, tear & abrasion resistant for a perfectly fitted dog trunk/cargo. Free Shipping on orders above $99! https://cdn.coversandall.ca/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/d/o/dog-car-trunk-cargo-cover-2.jpg

Keep the Car Trunk Clean & Tidy with Scratchproof Dog Car Trunk/Cargo Cover

  • Made of 100% solution-dyed fabric with one PU coated side for resilience.
  • Featuring UV, tear & abrasion resistance, the cover is long-lasting.
  • The mildew resistant property inhibits bacterial growth.
  • The water-repellant cargo cover ensures absolute protection.
  • Customize your cover as per your convenience.


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Water-Repellant Dog Car Trunk/Cargo Cover Ensures Ultimate Protection of Car Trunk

Do you love travelling with your furball but are concerned about paw scratches, accidental spillage and other car damage? Well, say yes to your next trip with your dog who loves travelling with you. Use Covers & All’s dog car trunk/cargo cover to keep your car in perfect condition just the way you started your journey.

Featuring premium-quality Pet Max fabric, our dog cargo covers are highly durable. They are 600 denier thick and are 100% solution-dyed. Offering medium UV resistance, the durable covers are fade-proof. The solution-dyed fabric fades less and offers long-lasting colour. Plus, this process reduces water & energy consumptions as compared to traditional methods. Thus, it is a sustainable dying process.

The tough PU coating on one side of our trunk covers for dog strengthens them with water repellent property, making them durable. Weighing 8 oz, these extremely lightweight and sturdy covers will go a long way. Offering an excellent resistance to mildew, the pet cargo covers won’t let any bacterial growth for ultimate protection & safety.

Getting affected by tears, abrasion, cuts, slits, will be a thing of the past with our tear and abrasion resistant fabric. Given that the fabric is hard to tear, you can enjoy your ride with your pet and not stress about the cover’s condition.

Custom-Fitted Pet Cargo Covers Offer a Precise Fit

Finding the right cover can be overwhelming with multiple options in the market. Our customizable options are the best solution to spare you the trouble of hunting down the most suitable sized dog car trunk cover for your car trunk. Just share the right dimensions you need and we will make the custom-made cover the way you want.

We use 15 denier thick hollow sillicon conjugated fibres that ensure optimal safety and care of your pet to fill these covers. The perfect filling keeps your car in immaculate condition by providing usher support, longer shelf life, and moisture absorption.

Get Warranty Coverage on Your Favourite Dog Car Covers

We design our dog trunk covers with the best fabric, so they can perform for a long duration. These highly functional covers crafted from tearproof fabric are highly durable. They are further reinforced with durability with a warranty coverage of up to 1 year.

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