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Exclusively Designed Custom-Fit Motorcycle Covers for Ultimate Protection

Redefine protection for your two-wheeler ride with custom-fit Motorcycle covers. They are meticulously crafted in made-to-measure sizes that hug the silhouette of your automobile perfectly. The weather-resistant covers prevent breaches from the elements as they fit like a glove on your invaluable Motorcycle. Loose fitting readymade covers may damage the Motorcycle surface with its flapping. While a pre-made Motorcycle cover that fits too snugly may exert undue pressure on your Motorcycle's fiber and plastic parts, potentially causing damage. Our custom-fit covers are ideally designed to preserve the visual appeal of your Motorcycle by fitting precisely onto your vehicle.

Features that Take Our Custom Covers a Notch above the Readymade Covers

uaranteed Snug Fit: The custom-made covers guarantee comprehensive protection as they fit snugly onto your Motorcycle. They are tailored to your Motorcycle specific model enveloping sharp body lines, contours, and curves. The cover’s cut patterns accommodate and shield various facelifts for different models.

Double Stitch & Welded Seams: Our made-to-measure covers comprises double stitched seams and welded seams. While premium welded seams prevent water seepage protecting your Motorcycle interior, the double-stitched seams ensure sturdiness and longevity of the covers.

Free Storage Bag: Your tailor-made Motorcycle covers come with a complimentary storage bag to keep your covers safe and clean when they are not in use. Fold, store, and pack the covers in the storage bag until you need it for next use.

Push Clips for Snug Fit: A loose-fitted cover with gaping holes can cause catastrophic damage to your Motorcycle. They are entryways for bird droppings, debris, and other potential hazards. Push clips ensure a secure closure with a form-fitting appearance.

Foldable & Lightweight Covers: Our easily foldable cover is made from a superlight fabric. You can store them in a compact space that will maximize space utilization. Use the complimentary storage bag for keeping them dust-free.

Breathability Enhances Comfort: By enabling airflow, our tailor-made covers effectively inhibit the accumulation of excessive heat, safeguarding your Motorcycle's paint and interior components from potential damage caused by trapped heat. They facilitate the effortless dissipation of heat, ensuring your vehicle remains well-protected.

Return Policy: Enjoy your shopping experience with our "no questions asked" return policy. Although our covers undergo a meticulous two-stage quality assurance process, if you encounter any manufacturing or dimensional issues, effortlessly return your cover at no additional cost.

Reflective Bands: Our made-to-order covers feature integrated reflective bands designed to enhance visibility in low-light, high-traffic areas. This visibility in the dark facilitates easier identification of your parked vehicle and prevents potential collisions with other vehicles.

Care Instructions: Maintaining your made-to-order cover is hassle-free; simply wipe it down with a damp cloth. To ensure optimal results, refrain from using bleach on the cover and avoid washing and drying it at high temperatures.

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Title: Features that Drive Away Your Protection Woes

Duro Luxe

  1. Material: Super high quality premium polyester fabric.
  2. Water-Resistant: Advanced water & mold resistant technology.
  3. Multiple Colors: Available in multiple color variants for aesthetic appeal.
  4. Advanced UV Shield: To protect from fading paint, water spots, or damage caused by harsh weather.
  5. Tear & Abrasion Resistant: Durable covers stay safe from cuts, slits, tears, and abrasions.
  6. Assurance Guaranteed: Get lifetime warranty coverage for added assurance.

Duro Pro

  1. Material: Crafted from non-woven fabric weighing approx. 160 GSM.
  2. Waterproof: Waterproof fabric prevents damage from unpleasant rainfall & spillage.
  3. Anti-Static: Suitable for outdoor areas, the fabric is anti-static.
  4. UV-Resistant: Protects from UV radiation that results in discoloration.
  5. Tear & Abrasion Resistant: Tear and abrasion-resistant fabric prevents scratches and frays.
  6. Assurance Guaranteed: Warranty coverage of up to 10 years.
Custom Covers

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