Kettle BBQ Covers

Coversandall GrillKettleCover001 GrillKettleCover001 Shop online for BBQ kettle cover and Weber ranch kettle covers for protection from rain, snow and more. Enjoy free super saver shipping on all orders over $99.
  • Weather-Resistant Fabrics: Options such as Cover Max, Cover Tuff, and Cover Rite tailored for Canadian climates
  • Universal & Customizable: Suitable for all grills; add a personal touch with logos or text
  • Waterproof & UV-Protected: Shields from Canadian moisture and prevents sun-induced fading
  • Robust Design: Built to withstand wear and tear, highlighting our Weber covers
  • Reliable Tie-Downs: Comes with drawstrings, clips, zippers, and grommets for a secure fit
  • Warranty & Airbags: 2 to 5-year warranty, inclusive of airbags for enhanced moisture defence

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