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Equipment Covers Keep Your Priceless Equipment Safe

Equipment Covers Keep Equipment Safe All Year Round

Imagine getting your snow blower out to do the job it's meant to do, only to realize that it's not working. Kept away during the summer months, it fell prey to the elements and refused to get started when it was meant to. Yes, don't we know that the toughest of machines are vulnerable to the vagaries of Mother Nature? Since a lot of machinery around the house — from water softeners to popcorn machines, vending machines, custom log splitters, etc. — needs to be kept clean, dry and safe from dust and debris, help is at hand from us at Covers & All.

Our Equipment Covers Let Your Equipment Look Like New

Our covers ensure that your equipment, and machines are kept maintained and protected. All year round. Tailor-made and of high-quality, they fit well and stay firmly in place through the harshest conditions, giving your equipment an attractive look even when it's not in use. Our covers are waterproof and scratch-proof with easy-access handles for seamless removal and easy cleaning.

Personalize The Equipment Covers With Your Name or Logo

The covers come in a variety of colours and UV/tear-resistant fabrics that offer year-round protection. Their enhanced airflow protects against the formation of mould & mildew. What makes things exciting is the fact that you can personalize these covers with your name, logo, or graphic of your choice.

Custom Covers

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