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Cushion Inserts in Different Shapes & Custom Sizes

Browse through our selection of custom cushion inserts to upgrade your furniture pieces. Our premium inserts offer a bespoke look and add incredible warmth and comfort to your patio seating.

We offer a wide range of quality patio cushion inserts in various shapes and customizable sizes to suit different furniture styles. Whether you prefer the classic rectangle, square, or round, we’ve got the perfect fit for you. Our custom sizing ensures snug comfort for any cushion, whether for practical or decorative use.

Our luxuriously soft foam cushion inserts offer versatility across indoor and outdoor settings. Indoor cushion covers with inserts enhance the coziness and support of sofas, chairs, and beds for a comfortable seating. Outdoor cushion inserts provide resilience and weather resistance. They are ideal for patio furniture such as outdoor lounge chairs, benches, or outdoor sofas.

Cushion Inserts for Your Indoor & Outdoor Seating Comfort

Whether for indoor relaxation or outdoor lounging in the yard, outdoor furniture covers with inserts elevate comfort and aesthetic appeal of your living spaces.

Here are some of the features that make these cushion inserts for outdoor furniture the best choice for your needs:

  • 32-Density Foam: The inserts feature 32-density foam for lasting comfort and support.
  • Custom Sizes: Tailor-made to fit any size.
  • Different Shapes: Available in square, rectangle and round shapes.
  • Stay Firm: Stay firm over time, maintaining their shape without sagging.
  • Offers Support & Cradling Effect: Easily conform to the body and offer great support for your back and neck.
  • Non-FR Grade: Our cushions are free from fire retardant chemicals for safety without compromising quality.
  • Dacron Wrap: A resilient Dacron wrap adds a soft, sleek look and enhances comfort.

Add-on outdoor cushion covers in the same dimensions are available for purchase separately at an additional cost. This option allows you to easily refresh or change the look of your cushions without needing to replace the inserts. Additionally, cushion covers add durability, making the cushion inserts waterproof.

Extend the weatherability of your backyard and lawn by investing in outdoor cushion covers and outdoor furniture covers. Make the outdoors look more inviting with comfortable outdoor pillow covers and throw pillow covers.


Q1. What is the best material for outdoor cushion inserts?

Ans. The best material for outdoor cushion inserts is 32-density foam. Its high-density composition ensures lasting quality and support, while the dense fabric promotes proper posture for outdoor relaxation.

Q2. Should cushion insert be bigger than cover?

Ans. Yes, cushion inserts should typically be slightly larger than the cover to ensure a snug fit and prevent sagging. A recommended rule is to choose inserts 1-2 inches larger on all sides for optimal fullness and appearance.

Q3. Can I use cushion inserts outdoors?

Ans. Yes, there are cushion inserts specifically crafted for outdoor settings. They are often constructed from water-resistant materials such as polyester or foam, capable of enduring exposure to the elements.

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