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Shop Custom-Sized Outdoor Throw Pillow Covers in Precise Fit

Experience an instant space transformation with our Outdoor Throw Pillow Covers, offering vibrant or understated appeal. Available in custom sizes, these covers ensure a snug fit for your pillows. The covers come with protective features including resistance to water, UV rays, mildew, tears, and abrasions, making them reliable companions.

The throw pillows are available in 3 fabric varieties: Pillow Rite, Cushion Rite, and Pillow Plus. The Pillow Rite variant boasts a polyester fabric, while the Pillow Plus option is crafted from eco-friendly olefin fabric. The covers come with an insert for enhancing the form of the pillows. Get the advantage of personalizing the pillows with a unique logo or text.

Some bestselling products include custom throw pillow in rectangle, square, and round shape, geometric throw pillow, Ikat throw pillow, floral throw pillow, stripes throw pillow, abstract throw pillow, etc.

Buy Waterproof and Tear-Resistant Throw Pillows for Long-Term Protection

The outdoor throw pillow covers add aesthetic appeal and shield your pillows against unpredictable rain, excessive UV radiation, scratches, frays, and other potential damage. Customizing the size of the covers is easy, allowing you to meet your specific requirements precisely.

Long-Term Usage with Pillow Rite & Cushion Rite Fabric: The covers are crafted from 600 Denier, 100% solution-dyed polyester, these fabrics are specially designed with a PU coating on one side. The unique PU coating not only increases the covers' flexibility and durability but also offers exceptional protection against water damage.

Pillow Plus is Made from Olefin: The Pillow Plus fabric is made from eco-friendly Olefin material, featuring a TPU coating for added durability. The use of polyolefin material ensures that it is entirely recyclable, promoting sustainability. This increases the flexibility for effortless molding the fabric into various weaves, patterns, and textures.

Fill Material that Fits Precisely: Each cover is filled with 15 denier, hollow silicon conjugated fiber, providing a luxurious texture. The form-fitting cushion insert ensures optimal comfort and support, enhancing your relaxation experience. Sink into the plush comfort of our pillows and experience the ultimate level of coziness and support.

Customize the Size for a Perfect Fit: You can get throw pillow covers 20x20 or any other size according to your requirement. All you need to do is enter the sizes in the measurement box and we will deliver the customized product to your doorstep.

Safeguards from Sun Damage: Constant exposure to intense sunlight can cause significant damage to pillow covers. The UV radiation gradually degrades and weakens the vibrant fabric, ultimately shortening its lifespan. Fortunately, our UV-resistant covers are purposefully crafted to combat fading and preserve the colours for an extended period.

Protection from Water Damage: Shield your pillows from damage due to unpredictable weather conditions like mild rain. Moisture can be extremely harmful ruining the fabric and creating a breeding ground for mildew formation on the pillows. You can prevent such damage using our water-resistant fabric.

Safeguard from Tears and Abrasions: The pillows may encounter sharp objects or repetitive rub on the surface causing damage such as rips, ruptures, scratches, frays, and more. Our tear and abrasion-resistant covers shield the pillows from unwanted damage that diminish the visual appeal and impairs the performance of the covers.

Protection from Mildew: Our covers are meticulously designed to combat the growth of mold and algae, which can cause gradual fabric deterioration over time. The mildew resistance helps to prevent such damage which can cause bacterial infections and release an unpleasant odor in the environment.

Personalize for a Unique Appeal: Personalize your throw pillow covers 18 x 18 or any other size with a logo or a text. You can easily choose a font style and colour given in the drop-down menu for a truly unique outlook of the covers. This option is only available for Pillow Rite fabric.

Warranty Assurance: The covers come with warranty assurance of 2 to 3 years, depending on the fabric chosen.

Our Outdoor Pillow Covers Have a Split Zipper and Various Colour Options

Our durable throw pillow covers are available in various colour options and equipped with a convenient split zipper. The split zipper ensures easy accessibility while keeping your pillows securely protected from outdoor elements. Additionally, the zipper provides a form-fitting outlook, ensuring your pillows always look neat and well-presented.

The Pillow Rite covers come in calming shades such as beige, sky blue, navy blue, and charcoal grey, while the Pillow Plus patterns feature tween navy, navy texture, grey texture, and beige texture. The Cushion Print is available in phenomenal prints adding a vibrant touch to your outdoors. The wide range of hues and patterns effortlessly blend with your outdoor aesthetics, creating a harmonious environment.

Experience the perfect balance of style and functionality with our exceptional outdoor pillow covers, adding a touch of elegance and comfort to your outdoor space. Shop today!

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