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Table Covers Act As A Perfect Shield Against The Elements

With the almanac making way for the summer months, it’ll be hard to resist the urge to sit out for a meal on the picnic table you have in your lawn or the patio. But what acts as a deterrent for many is the sight of the picnic table that had been left exposed to the elements. To keep your picnic table safe and looking just the way you left it, Covers & All offers picnic table covers that will keep your table clean and safe. Available in three high-quality water-proof fabric colours, our covers could well be called perfect shields against strong winds, UV rays, dirt, dust & grime, rain, water & sleet, and of course, mold & mildew.

Picnic Table Covers Come With Security Features

The cover is easy to clean and after a wash becomes as good as new. The covers come attached with a drawstring, durable elastic to secure the covers underneath and strong push clips to secure the furniture legs.

Personalize Your Picnic And Basket Covers

Place an order for a picnic table set, with specific measurements on our site and get perfectly fitted covers. Also, you can personalize these covers with your or your family name, logo or an image of your choice. You can also choose from the selection of colours we offer.

Custom Covers

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