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Outdoor Picnic Table Covers in Tailor-Made Sizes

Covers & All premium picnic table covers offer unmatched protection to your outdoor furniture. These waterproof and UV-resistant covers shield your tables from rain, UV rays, snow, strong winds, dust, and debris. They create a barrier against moisture and excessive heat that can rot, decay, and fade away your furniture.

We offer three highly weatherproof fabric options. Each fabric is designed to withstand moderate to extreme weather conditions. These exceptionally durable fabrics range from 600D to 1000D in thickness. The high-quality PVC-coated and solution-dyed polyester is tear- and abrasion-proof.

Our outdoor picnic table covers & patio furniture covers are thoughtfully designed keeping popular sizes, style, elegance, and durability in mind, with a variety of colours and fabrics to choose from. You can customize the waterproof picnic table cover depending on the size and shape of your unique picnic table. An array of colors allows you to transform any picnic table into an elevated furniture piece. You can select a color matching your decor scheme and enhances your outdoors while ensuring protection. Check out our dining set covers to protect your seating area.

Picnic Table Covers: Features & Benefits

Whether you're hosting a backyard feast or enjoying post-meal card games, your picnic table is always in the spotlight. Our picnic table cloths ensure your tables stay in top condition, ready for use anytime. Choose between two assorted designs: rectangle and round. We use waterproof, mould- and mildew-proof fabrics to protect your picnic tables from moisture, direct sunlight, and rotting.

The highly durable custom picnic table covers, with their sturdy construction stay functional for a long time with gentle cleaning. These lightweight covers are effortless to remove and clean. They are provided with access handles. To keep them secure, they are further equipped with various tie-down options and grommets for a snug fit.

Here’s why our heavy duty picnic table covers stand apart:

    • Weatherproof Fabrics: Choose from 1000D PVC coated polyester for extreme weather or 600D solution dyed polyester for moderate conditions, both waterproof and UV-proof.
    • Designs: Two design options: square and round shapes.
    • Easy Usage: Lightweight cover with sturdy handles and tie-downs for secure placement and removal, even in windy weather.
    • Personalization: Imprint your name, text, logo or message to add a distinct flair.
    • Additional Accessory: Order air bags to prevent water accumulation leaks through seams.
    • Custom Sizes: Customize covers to fit your tables perfectly for complete protection.
    • Warranty: Available with up to 2-5 years of warranty.

Why limit protection to your picnic tables only, invest in patio table covers and keep it in the best condition.

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