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Buy Lounge & Loveseat Covers to Maintain the Upholstery All Season-Round

Revamp your living space without breaking the bank with our premium Lounge & Loveseat Covers! We offer a range of stylish and durable covers in custom sizes and designs. From right arm loveseat covers to curved sofa covers, we house varied designed sofa covers.

Plus, these covers are crafted in weatherproof fabrics. The weatherproof fabrics in multiple colors not only protect your furniture from stains, spills, and wear but help upgrade your outdoor décor too. These custom sized covers are further equipped with tie-downs and grommets for easy usage.

You can personalize them with your artwork, logo or text to make your loveseat covers distinctive and special for your loved ones. You can explore our products and pick the one that best aligns with your needs. Our bestsellers include custom outdoor sofa and loveseat covers, custom curved sofa and more.

Customize Loveseat Covers in Weatherproof Fabrics & Selective Colors

Customize your outdoor area with our premium covers designed to offer overall protection and upgrade your seating area.

Custom-Made Fit: Unable to find the right fit covers for your outdoor sofas? Customize them at Covers & All Canada. Meticulously crafted edge-to-edge, these snug-fitted covers perfectly fit your sofas without leaving any open spaces. For custom-made covers, input the accurate dimensions in the measurement box. Get standard couch covers for regular shaped furniture.

PVC Coated Cover Max & Tuff Fabrics: Our two fabric choices – Cover Max and Cover Tuff are suitable for moderate to extreme weather conditions. Both these fabrics are 1000 D in thickness and made of PVC-coated polyester. While Cover Max weighs 12 oz, Cover Tuff weighs around 18 oz. Both fabrics offer excellent water and UV protection and keep your upholstery spotless.

100% Solution-Dyed Cover Rite Fabric: Weighing 8 oz, the 100% solution-dyed Cover Rite fabric comes with one PU coating. The highly durable, tear and abrasion-resistant fabric repels water and offers medium UV resistance.

Personalization: Turn your couch and loveseat covers into a personalized piece. Imprint your covers with a text, logo or artwork unique to your personality. Our personalizing tool allows you to add the text, logo or artwork and design it in the color of your choice. You can even get L shape sofa covers personalized at minimal additional cost.

UV Protection: Our heavy-duty UV-resistant outdoor table protectors offer medium to high UV protection. They shield your furniture from scorching sunlight and protect them against any discoloration or deterioration.

Waterproof: To maintain the loveseats in the best condition, keeping them safe from water damage is of utmost importance. Our waterproof and water-repellent covers shield your upholstery under uncertain showers and accidental spillage. By restraining water permeation, the covers prevent your sofas from sagging, rotting or appearing dull or unsightly.

Mildew-Proof: The Cover Rite fabric comes with mildew-resistant properties. It prevents the breeding of mold or mildew on the surface. Therefore, keep your loveseats in prim and proper shape, for many years to come. Need mildewproof U shape sofa covers? Order them from Covers & All now.

Warranty Coverage: All our products are backed by a fabric warranty of up to 2 to 5 years.

Different Shapes & Designs: Our extensive range of lounge and loveseat covers spans multiple shapes and designs. Whether you need reclining loveseat covers, custom curved sofa covers, straight sofa covers, left arm or right arm loveseat covers or modular sofa, we have all.

Order Chaise Lounge Covers with Tie-Downs or Grommets for Quick Installation

Get your chaise lounge covers equipped with tie-downs and grommets for convenient usage and functionality. Choose from our multiple tie-down options including drawstring, elastic at bottom, push clips, split zipper and more. You can pick the tie-downs as per your requirement.

For grommets also, you can choose their placement at different gaps. These grommets are rustproof and add to the durability of the couch and loveseat covers. Additionally, we provide handles on each side for easy accessibility.

Ordering and customizing chaise lounge chair covers with us is super convenient. You just need to choose the product, input required dimensions, choose fabric, tie-downs and place the order. For foolproof water protection, you can order accessories – air bags along with the covers. When placed beneath the sunken cover portions, the air bags elevate them, aiding in easy water runoff that could leak through seams and damage your sofa.

So, shop for our lounge & loveseat covers now and protect & customize your outdoors. Shop now!

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