Table Top Covers


Table Top Covers Will Keep Your Tables Looking Beautiful

Whether your table is indoors or outdoors, a cover will protect it from spills, dust, and scratching and other harmful weather conditions. Outdoor tabletops can take a beating over time from rain damage, which is why a durable 100% waterproof fabric is your best bet

Indoor wooden tables will benefit from being covered to protect the finish from spills, water marks, scratching, and will save you a little time from all that dusting and polishing.

Bespoke Covers For New and Antique Tables Alike

We can design a custom fit table cover to ensure a perfect and secure fit. Whether your table is new and you want to maintain its finish for the longest time, or you’ve just lovingly restored an antique dining or vintage farm table, our bespoke service guarantees a cover that will fit your needs.

What Makes Our Covers Stand Out from the Crowd

We have designed all of our materials -Cover Max, Cover Tuff, and Cover Fab, using an advanced method that enables us to provide you with covers that: Keep rain, sleet, snow, and moisture at bay

  • Are UV-resistant & Waterproof
  • Keep insects and animals from ruining your table
  • Prevents the formation of mould and mildew
  • Keeps dirt and dust from collecting on your table

Each fabric caters to your unique needs. Cover Fab is our lightest fabric that is perfect for mild weather conditions while offering full protection. Our Cover max material is designed for more severe weather conditions and works great on all of your outdoor furniture, electronics, and machinery, while Cover Tuff is made to endure extreme outdoor conditions and is ideal for industrial applications. Whatever your need, our materials can be custom-made to fit. At Covers and All, we can cover that!

Customize Your Table Top Covers and Personalize It to Make It Your Own

We have customers who like to monogram their table top covers with their initials. We have customers in the hotel, resort, and reselling business who like to personalize the custom size outdoor furniture covers with text, logo, or an image. If you want to personalize the table top covers, go ahead!

You also have the option to customise the table top cover to suit the shape and size of your table. We can create a custom fit table cover. If you are unable to find a high quality custom size table top cover, you will find it here. Wait, we have more to offer! You can select from different colors. Select from green, black, white, or grey. Do not delay getting a table top cover, as incidents do not come with a calling card!

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Custom Covers

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