Waterproof Sun Shade Sail - Rectangle

Coversandall WaterproofSunShade01 WaterproofSunShade01 Shop for Rectangle Waterproof Shade Sails made of highly durable polyester. Available in custom sizes with a warranty of 3 years. Free shipping on all orders over $99! https://cdn.coversandall.ca/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/s/u/sun-shade-sail-rectangular-curved_1.jpg

Attain Complete Protection from the Sun with Waterproof Sun Shade Sail

  • You can personalize the 60% area of the shades at additional cost. 
  • Shade Max + is a heavy-duty fabric with a sturdy cable all around the edges.
  • Exceptional UV protection to keep sun damage at bay.
  • Additional accessories such as turn buckle, snap hook, pad eye bracket, and screws/roll plugs are on offer for all four corners.
  • Install at a 20-40 degree angle to allow easy run-off & limit water pooling.
  • Although the fabric is waterproof, water pooling can cause leakage through stitch holes.

Select Your Shape

Waterproof Sun Shade Sail - Rectangle

Waterproof Sun Shade Sail - Rectangle

  • Waterproof Sun Shade Sail - Rectangle

    Waterproof Sun Shade Sail - Rectangle

  • Waterproof Sun Shade Sail - Triangle

    Waterproof Sun Shade Sail - Triangle

  • Waterproof Sun Shade Sail - Square

    Waterproof Sun Shade Sail - Square

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Beat the Heat with Trendy and Stylish Waterproof Sun Sail Shade

The global heat is raising the temperature every day, robbing us of our outdoor space. Scorching rays of the sun can be detrimental to your health, creating havoc during barbecues, parties, and summer retreats. To escape the heat and enjoy the outdoors, use our highly durable waterproof sun shade sails.

Our shade sails is available in premium fabric- Shade Max. The medium-weight Shade Max fabric is made of 1000 Denier, PVC coated polyester that is perfect for moderate weather conditions. This premium fabric can withstand extreme weather conditions. The fabric weigh approximately 12 oz and is resistant to the repercussions of fading due to long UV exposure.

Waterproof sun shade sails in rectangle shape are particularly advantageous and come with a unique set of attributes. You may use the shade sails as temporary structures or permanent solutions to create an outdoor seating space.

The shade sails are a great outdoor accessory that adds to the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor area. Besides being beautiful, it has its functional advantage as it can shield your guests from the scorching sun, provide shelter from rainfall or water splashes and resist damage from tears and abrasion. Exposure to sun heat for a long duration can result in discolouration of your outdoor furniture, therefore we recommend using our best waterproof sun shade sail for ultimate protection from the sun.

Made-to-measure Waterproof Sun Shade Sails

Made to withstand the elements and provide protection to your garden beds, open kitchen, pottery, and barbecues, the shade sails lend unparalleled beauty to your ambience. The versatility in usage may pose a demand for unique sizes, our heavy-duty fabric can be acquired in a custom size that is tailored exclusively for you.

The fabric weighs approximately 12 oz and is resistant to the repercussions of fading due to long UV exposure. Its resistance to water damage makes it ideal for usage in the outdoor seating space.

Warranty Coverage on Waterproof Sun Shade Sail

Warranty is an important aspect that gives you an added assurance about the durability and quality of a product. At Covers & All, we provide 3 years of warranty coverage on waterproof sun shade sails so you can be at peace about the long-lasting quality of your product. Give yourself a chance to elevate your outdoor seating with our bespoke products, and place your order right away!

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