Heavy Duty Tarp 18oz, Size: 15' x 30'

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Heavy-Duty Tarps for Reliable Protection

  • Tear and abrasion-resistant tarps are suitable for heavy-duty use.
  • Weatherproof tarps that shield against water and UV rays.
  • Come with brass grommets at the corners.
  • Choice of four colours available.
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Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarps are Durable and Weather Resistant

Baseball fans know tarps are crucial for keeping ball fields clean and dry. We at Covers & All are no less than fans - we are experts offering some of the best covering solutions for you. Our high-quality tarps are suitable for year-round protection. They are heavy-duty and durable. Besides sports fields, our 18oz tarps are perfect for use on farms, in warehouses, for covering goods during transportation, covering canopy tops and construction sites, and more.

Our sun-proof tarps feature double-lock seams at the edges are Engineered with weatherproof fabric. This ensures that water does not seep through the fabric or leak from the edges. The neat finish also offers strength to our tarps that complement our tear-resistant fabric technology.

Our outdoor tarps are always ready to fight them all with great ease from hail, storms, rain, snow, and burning heat. They even prevent fading and damage caused by UV rays. Thus, our tarps protect your possessions from all kinds of harmful effects of the elements and keep them looking new all year round.

These canopy tarps come in a fixed size. They come with a graphic weight of 18 oz and are easy to handle. To explore more sizes for your purpose, visit our custom tarps section.

18 Oz Tarps Feature Rust-Resistant Grommets for Added Strength

Our sun-proof tarps are suitable for any setting. They do not wear out in demanding tasks and handle unusual tugs and pulls extremely well. Brass grommets are present on our heavy-duty tarps that aid in their installation. These grommets are present at regular intervals of 24” along the corners.

We offer outdoor tarps made in superior-grade fabric and come with a 5-year warranty. The grommets that we use are also rust-free to ensure prolonged use of our tarps.

Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarps Have Four Colours

Don’t fret over the dull-coloured tarps available in the market. Choose a colour that you like from our range of four bright hues on offer. You can pick from blue, red, grey and black. Place an order now, and we will deliver our premium-quality 18oz tarps right to your doorstep.

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