Heavy Duty Tarp 18oz, Size: 16' x 20'

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Protect Outdoor Belongings With Our Heavy-Duty Waterproof Tarps

  • Large rectangular heavy-duty tarp protects from squally weather.
  • Sturdy, durable fabric is tear and abrasion-resistant.
  • UV resistant fabric protects from the harsh rays of the sun.
  • A choice of vibrant colours available.
  • Rust-free brass grommets provided on corners and at a 24" gap on the edges.
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Heavy-Duty Tarps Provide Absolute Protection

Moving your belongings across the state? The unpredictable weather, harsh sunshine and strong winds can havoc with your belongings. Give them the armour of our heavy-duty vinyl tarps to ensure that your goods reach the condition you packed them in. Consider our 16' x 20' heavy-duty tarp. It can meet any challenge offered by inclement weather.

From downpours to heavy snow and harsh sunshine, our 100% waterproof PVC tarps keep your belongings protected from all kinds of inclement weather. Besides weather protection, our sturdy tarps help keep your belongings clean and in place.

Our robust tarps offer optimum protection, as they are UV, tear and abrasion-resistant. This super tough fabric provides unbeatable protection against any gashes or damage.

The Tarp Tuff fabric we use to make our tarps are available in red, blue, grey and black - four fade-resistant colours. This 18 oz heavy-duty fabric will last for years.

Durable Waterproof Tarps Come With Double-lock Seams

Securing the tarp is extra insurance against damage caused by the elements. We provide grommets to help you easily tie down the heavy-duty vinyl tarps if you wish to. These grommets comprise rust-free brass and are at a distance of 24" on the edges and all corners.

For added strength and durability, we give our tarps high-quality double-lock seams. This provides our products with impervious, reinforced seams increasing the life of our tarps.

16' X 20' Heavy-Duty Tarps Have A Variety Of Uses

Waterproof tarps are an economical solution to protecting possessions exposed to the elements. You can use our long-lasting PVC tarps in households, all kinds of industries, farms and especially by truckers in safely transporting a variety of goods.

Ordering your tarp takes a few clicks on the computer. We'll deliver the premium heavy-duty vinyl tarps to your doorstep.

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