Heavy Duty Tarp 18oz, Size: 40' x 100'

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Offer All-Season Protection with Our Heavy Duty Tarps 18oz, 40’ x 100’

  • Made of durable & weatherproof fabric.
  • Size is 40’ x 100’ and graphic weight is 18 Oz.
  • Comes in four different colour options.
  • Double-lock seams are available for extra strength.
  • Personalize with a text or logo printed.
FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $99.00

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Durable and Weather-Resistant Cloths make Our Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarps 

Do you have enormous areas that need to be protected against weather extremities? To cover large spaces or goods, we have designed 18oz tarps that provide complete coverage and a strong defence not just against mother nature but dirt and debris too. These can be very useful in covering farms, warehouses, construction sites, shipping areas, sports fields, and more.

All our sunproof tarps are made using a PVC, vinyl-coated fabric. This durable fabric with its coating will keep harmful UV-rays at bay. Water in any form, rain, snow, or dew will not seep through, and your belongings will remain completely dry and safe. With a graphic weight of 18 Oz, these tarps will not stiffen up in chilly mornings and remain easy to fold or install as a cover.

The high-tensile fabric used makes our outdoor tarps tear-proof and resistant to abrasions. This feature is vital to make the covers last longer and stay intact against rough handling or when pulled over sharp edges. Being wind-proof, they stay solid and stable while facing strong winds.

Our heavy-duty vinyl tarps come in a range of four colours. The colours available in these tarps are: - black, blue, red, and black. So, take your pick. All colours are immune to harsh sunlight and will not fade easily.

Included are Grommets on Our 18oz Tarps

We provide grommets with our canopy tarps to reinforce the eyelets and help the rope or cord run through them smoothly. These are added at every corner and a distance of 24’ all around the perimeter of the tarps.

Grommets are made of solid brass, which is also rust-proof. These make their application for covering more convenient. Furthermore, they provide additional strength to your sunproof tarps.

Double-Lock Seams Fortify Our Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarps

The double-lock seams on these heavy-duty tarps strengthen them and durable. This enhancement also helps them take the pressure of tugging when the tarp is tied. So, do not wait, order now and we will ship your 18oz tarps right to your doorstep.

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