Heavy Duty Tarp 18oz, Size: 8' x 25'

Coversandall HDT825 HDT825 Order online Heavy Duty Tarps from Covers & All to provide protection from damage caused by the elements. Free shipping on all orders over $99. https://cdn.coversandall.ca/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/t/a/tarp-2-1-blue_8.jpg

Heavy-Duty Tarps at 18 Oz Provide Protection From Damage Caused by the Elements

  • Waterproof & UV resistant.
  • Made of vinyl-coated PVC, the tarps weigh 18 Oz.
  • Best suited for extreme weather conditions.
  • Tarps are tear & abrasion-resistant.
FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $99.00

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Our Heavy Duty Tarps are Suited for Severe Weather Conditions

While the equipment we buy makes our lives comfortable and convenient, maintaining it can be quite a task. This is especially true of things lying in your backyard that get exposed to extreme weather conditions. Exposure to heat, rain, snow, dust, debris, even fallen leaves and bird droppings slowly start corroding the grill's surface. However, just keeping it covered with Covers & All's heavy-duty tarps prevents all that trouble.Our waterproof tarps are highly durable and rainproof. Being tear and abrasion-resistant, they are not liable to get frayed easily and hence are long-lasting and keep your stuff kept outdoors safe, dry, and clean.Coming with a vinyl coating, our heavy-duty tarps do not become brittle or stiff on chilly winter mornings. Being UV resistant, they do not fade despite being exposed to the sun. This keeps them looking like new for longer.The clear tarps come armed with double-lock, heat-welded seams that do not allow fraying around the edges. This treatment adds to our heavy-duty tarps' strength, thus giving you a product that endures the ravages of the weather and day-to-day handling with considerable ease.

Grommets Keep Our 18 Oz Waterproof Tarps Well in Place

Rust-free brass grommets have been provided at the corners of the tarps. Placed at a distance of every 24", these facilitate the easy fastening of the tarps to the hooks or any other object, etc.The Tarp Tuff fabric used for manufacturing the tarps is available in four colour options. You can choose from red, blue, grey and black. Our 8×25' tarps are available in three different shapes. You can make a choice from the square, rectangle, and round shapes for your tarps. These come with a 5-year warranty on the fabric.

Our Heavy Duty Vinyl Tarps Have Numerous Uses

You can use the tarps in various ways. Be it in the agriculture sector, warehouses, the transportation industry, at home, or even to cover sports fields. So order now, and we will deliver our 18 Oz heavy-duty tarps right to your doorstep.

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