Round Pool Cover - No Steps

Coversandall PoolCover13 PoolCover13 Shop for No Steps Round Pool Cover made of UV, tear & abrasion resistant fabric to protect your pool from dirt and debris and keep children out of your pool. Free shipping on orders over $99! https://cdn.coversandall.ca/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/r/o/round-pool-cover-no_steps-ps-2.jpg

Give your Alluring Round Pool Optimum Coverage with Round Pool Cover – No Steps

  • High-tensile 400 D, knitted fabric is tear & abrasion proof.
  • Comes with accessories and a storage bag at no additional cost.
  • Make sure to stand at the shallow end, facing the deep end for correct measurements of the pool cover.
  • In case of obstructions, upload your pool's image for a custom-fit finish.
  • Refer to the installation guide for a quick and easy set up.

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Round Pool Cover - No Steps

Round Pool Cover - No Steps

  • Round Pool Cover - No Steps

    Round Pool Cover - No Steps

  • Round Pool Cover - Center Steps

    Round Pool Cover - Center Steps

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Premium Round Pool Covers are Breathable & Tearproof

There’s no denying how round pools make a design statement while serving recreational purposes. For those relaxing chaises with a drink in the arm and a little swimming, your round pool should always be swim-ready with hygienic crystal clear water free of debris and infection-causing germs. To achieve this, regular upkeep of the pools is a strenuous process. Therefore, Covers & All brings to you premium round pool covers – no steps for easy maintenance.

Pool covers are the most inexpensive necessary equipment that goes a long way in preventing algae growth and debris buildup in your pool. The 400 D knitted fabric of our pool covers ensures breathability essential for air circulation. The perforated fabric is designed to filter out UV rays and let in mild sunlight to naturally warm the water and maintain the pool’s temperature.

The high-tensile Cover Lite fabric is used to produce highly durable pool covers so that they stay intact for long without getting frayed or unravelled. Despite regular or extensive usage, our round pool covers do not show any signs of tearing or ripping. Plus, they stay immune to scratches or abrasions that can mar the overall look and appeal of the covers. They last for years and come with 2 years of warranty.

Since the covers feature woven material, the water doesn’t accumulate over the cover, saving you the effort of pumping the water out. Despite torrential rainfall or heavy snowfall, the covers will not sag as eventually, the water will seep down. Additionally, our covers are ideal for all weather conditions. No matter where you live, you can use these covers in any weather type.

Our UV-Resistant Custom Round Covers are Available in Custom Sizes

Ultraviolet radiation takes its toll on the pool’s chemistry by degrading its chlorine levels. Therefore, we have designed our round swimming pool covers to be UV-resistant. They offer around 85% of UV blockage. By filtering out UV light, the inground pool covers help prevent algae growth.

To tap in complete UV safety, complete coverage is necessary. As all pools are designed uniquely with different sizes, each requires a tailor-made cover that offers perfect fit. Using our customization service, you can easily get bespoke round pool covers with no steps in custom made fitting according to the exact dimensions of your pool.

Our Custom L Shape Pool Covers are UV-Resistant

The sturdy knitted fabric of our pool covers is UV-resistant. It provides 85% UV blockage, offering ultimate protection to your pool water. As chlorine is an important element for sanitizing pools, ultraviolet rays prove damaging to the compound. Long exposure to the scorching sun rapidly evaporates the chlorine, disbalancing its levels and increasing the need to replenish it frequently. Our UV-resistant pool covers obstruct the heat and blocks the rays, keeping the chlorine levels perfectly in balance and skin and eyes issues at bay.

Our covers ensure optimum coverage and maximum protection only when they are properly installed. For impeccable installation, please refer to our pool installation guide

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