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Reduce Litter & Cut Down on Energy Costs with our Swimming Pool Covers

No matter how hard you may try to keep your pool clean, its chances of getting soiled always remain high as they are subjected to outdoor elements. Covering them with robust pool covers not only keeps the natural flying debris miles away but helps maintain water temperature, reduce water loss, cuts down on energy costs and more. Covers & All’s premium swimming pool covers are a robust solution to protect your swimming pools from the elements. Made of 400 D breathable knitted fabric, the covers are suitable for all weather conditions. Offering the best UV protection, our pool covers help save you from the harmful effects of UV radiation. They block out 85% of UV rays, keeping your skin and eyes safe while using the pool. Plus, they help maintain the temperature in the summers and winters.

Our Custom-Sized Pool Covers are Available for Different Shaped Pools

Pools are an aesthetic element that upgrades the backyard. Suiting different decor types, each pool is designed differently to sync it to the outdoors’ aesthetics. From Grecian, L-shaped, rectangular to oval, and round, each pool has its unique appeal and needs customized covers for foolproof protection. At Covers & All, we offer you the opportunity to get custom-made covers that lay a protective spread over your pool. Each of our tailor-made covers comes with different variations: with steps, with steps on the left/right corner or in the centre. Depending on your preference, you can easily make the selection as per the shape and size of your pool.

Our Lightweight Pool Covers for Inground Pools Offer Convenient Installation

Unlike regular pool covers, our covers weighing 5 oz are lightweight, portable and convenient to use. As outside elements such as strong gusts of wind, falling debris, and rain can displace the cover, we offer sturdy grommets throughout the periphery along with multiple accessories to keep the cover in place. You can easily slide a rope through the grommets and tie down the cover or use a brass anchor, stainless steel spring, stainless steel buckle, Allen wrench, aluminum tamping tool and installation rod for foolproof security. You can easily get the accessory kit along with the pool covers at an additional cost. Our robust covers are durable enough to withstand elements and come with up to 2 years of warranty.

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