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Custom Rectangular Pool Covers for Perfectly Maintained Swimming Pools

Owing to their clean structured geometric design, rectangular pools have always been a popular landscaping choice. Since your rectangular swimming pool requires regular cleaning and maintenance, the easiest thing you can do is invest in a robust pool cover. Covers & All’s custom rectangular pool cover made of all-weather fabric serves the best deal. We use 400 D breathable knitted fabric to craft our durable swimming pool covers. The knitted material not only aids in proper air circulation but helps prevent leaf litter and other debris from spoiling the pool water. Further, they are designed to be lightweight to facilitate convenient portability. They weigh approx. 5 oz. Suitable for all weather conditions, the rectangle swimming pool covers give optimum protection and coverage.

Swimming Pool Covers are UV-Resistant & Tear & Abrasion-proof

As the pool’s chemical chlorine gets degraded when exposed to UV light, we design our pool covers to be UV-resistant. Offering up to 85% ultraviolet radiation, our rectangular pool covers limit UV exposure. This further saves you time and effort to refill chlorine and prevent skin and eye issues. Besides this, our covers help maintain water temperature significantly reducing your heating bills and water loss due to evaporation. Considering extensive usage, we use tear and abrasion-resistant fabric to craft our inground pool covers. They won’t get abraded or scratched even due to falling debris and stay good as new even after multiple uses. You can easily fold them when not in use and they won’t get torn from the edges or rip apart. Their durability is reinforced with up to 2 years of warranty.

Custom-Sized Rectangular Pool Covers are Equipped with Rustproof Grommets

At Covers & All, we offer end-to-end solutions that are functional. Since the installation of pool covers for rectangular pools can be a daunting task, we make it a breeze with handy grommets. You can easily slide a sturdy rope through the rustproof grommets for an adjustable grip or get a set of installation accessories at an additional cost. Enhance the modern appeal of your orderly landscape by buying a pool cover that seamlessly fits the straight silhouette of your rectangular pool. Unlike regular ill-fitted covers, our covers are designed as per your specific choice. Tailor-made according to the exact dimensions input by you, we craft exclusive covers that are customized for that perfect shape. Ordering with us is hassle-free. Just input the size of the pool covers that you require, select the accessories if you need and order! It’s that simple.

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