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Shop Rectangular Pool Covers for Optimal Pool Safety and Style

Winterize your swimming pool with Covers & All premium Rectangular Pool Covers, so they are ready for your next use. These custom swimming pool covers offer a tailored solution to safeguard your aquatic oasis, ensuring both protection and style. With an array of materials and designs to choose from, these covers not only enhance the functionality of your pool but also add an element of aesthetic appeal.

These pool covers for rectangular pools are meticulously crafted to fit the unique dimensions and shape of your rectangular swimming pool, providing a seamless and secure barrier against the elements. Beyond their practicality in preventing debris, leaves, and harsh weather from compromising your pool's cleanliness, custom covers also contribute to energy efficiency by reducing evaporation and heat loss. Enjoy up to 85% UV protection, reduce chlorine degradation, and maximize water temperature retention.

Our rectangular swimming pool covers boast UV resistance and tear & abrasion-proof fabric, shielding your pool from the elements. With rustproof grommets for easy installation, these lightweight covers offer convenience without compromising durability. Choose from our range of sizes, fabric options, shape, and colors to customize. For proper installation, we also customize the rectangular inground pool covers as per the deck type.

Best Selling: Explore a range of rectangular pool covers designed with careful attention to detail.

  • Rectangular Pool Cover - No Steps: Dive into hassle-free pool maintenance with our cover designed for rectangular pools without steps.
  • Rectangular Pool Cover - Center Steps: Enjoy comprehensive coverage for pools with center steps, crafted from tear-resistant fabric for lasting protection.
  • Rectangular Pool Cover - Left/Right Steps: Step into pool perfection with our covers customized for rectangular pools with left/right steps, ensuring every corner is shielded.

Boost Your Pool Protection with Our Durable Rectangular Pool Covers

Enjoy hassle-free pool maintenance with our premium pool covers for rectangular pool covers.

Durable & UV-Resistant: Our covers provide up to 85% UV protection, preventing chlorine degradation, and feature tear- and abrasion-resistant fabric for enduring durability. These highly-durable covers ensure water quality and withstand the test of time, reducing the need for frequent chemical refills and maintenance efforts.

Tailor-Made for Perfect Fit: Enjoy a cover crafted to your pool's exact dimensions, ensuring a snug fit that enhances both aesthetics and functionality. These perfect pool covers are customized to your pool’s unique shape for optimal coverage and protection. You can even customize Grecian Pool Covers with us.

Lightweight and Portable: Designed to be lightweight, our covers are easy to move, spread, and store. Effortless to handle, they are convenient to manage and store when not in use.

All-Weather Knitted Fabrics: We offer two fabric options in this range. These knitted fabrics are ideal for all weather conditions. They provide an effective shield against harsh sunlight, offering an impressive 85-90% shade coverage. Being 100% recyclable, our Cover Elite fabric aligns with eco-conscious practices. Furthermore, it adheres to health and environmental standards by being entirely lead and phthalate-free.

Customization Options: From fabric, color, design, and deck type, we provide various customizable features for a perfect swimming pool cover. Whether your pool has no steps or steps on the left- or right-hand side, you can easily customize the cover accordingly. Select the deck type carefully as the hardware accessories depend on it.

Warranty: Our covers are provided with 2 to 5 years of warranty, for long-term protection for your pool. Check out our round pool covers for same warranty coverage.

Free Storage Bag: To save you from the hassle of storing the cover when not in use, we provide a sturdy storage bag along with the cover.

Enjoy Effortless Application and Installation with Our Rectangular Pool Covers

Our covers are provided with multiple hardware accessories including a tamping tool, hex key, installation rod, etc. for effortless installation. With these accessories, you can asily secure and remove the covers.

Enhance the appeal of your pool area with our covers designed for various applications. From no-step pools to those with center or left/right steps, our covers provide comprehensive coverage and protection.

  • Winterization: Protect your pool during the winter months, preventing debris accumulation and minimizing the impact of freezing temperatures. Our covers act as a reliable barrier, preserving the condition of your pool during the colder seasons.
  • Safety Cover: Ensure the safety of your pool area by using our covers as a protective barrier. Keep children and pets safe, preventing accidents and providing peace of mind when your pool is not in use.
  • Event Protection: Use our covers to safeguard your pool during events or gatherings. Our covers protect your pool from potential damage or debris, allowing you to enjoy the festivities worry-free.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Minimize the time and effort spent on pool maintenance by preventing debris, leaves, and other contaminants from entering the water. Our covers streamline the cleaning process, keeping your pool in optimal condition with less effort.
  • Energy Conservation: Retain heat in your pool and reduce energy costs by using our covers. The insulating properties of the covers help maintain water temperature, allowing you to enjoy a comfortably warm pool while minimizing the need for additional heating.

So, shop for these rectangular pool covers today and safeguard your pool area. Explore our Oval Pool Covers and other products for customized fit for your unique pool.

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