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Tearproof Custom Oval Pool Covers for Season-Round Protection

Looking for a perfect solution to safeguard your oval pool while enhancing the allure of your backyard oasis? Covers & All’s custom oval pool cover perfectly suits your needs. Our sturdy swimming pool covers are made from 400 D knitted fabric which is breathable. It helps promote adequate airflow while keeping debris and leaf litter at bay. Weighing 5 oz, the covers are designed to be lightweight to render portability and convenient usage. Just fold them and store when not in use and spread them over the expanse in the off-season. The covers will remain as good as new whenever you reuse them. Their tear and abrasion-resistant fabric help them stay away from abrasions, cuts, slits, grazes and more. They won’t even get torn or ripped apart from the edges during installation, due to extra tension or tight grip.

Our UV-Resistant Swimming Pool Covers are Durable

Pools are fun in summer. But the scorching sun kills joy by overheating and evaporating the pool water and increasing the chances of skin and eye irritations due to exposure to UV rays. Furthermore, excessive long exposure to ultraviolet radiation debases the pool’s chemical chlorine. Our oval pool covers are designed to be UV-resistant. They reduce ultraviolet radiation by up to 85% and prevent skin and eye problems, saving you the hassle of refilling chlorine to maintain the pool’s balance. Furthermore, our UV-resistant pool covers work as a permeable sheet to shade water, reduce excessive evaporation, and overheating and maintain water temperature. Our covers are durable enough to withstand all weather conditions and come with warranty coverage of 2 years.

Get Additional Accessories with Custom-Sized Oval Pool Covers for Easy Installation

We at Covers & All provide practical end-to-end solutions. Designed to render maximum customer satisfaction, our covers have an edge over regular run-of-the-mill covers. We customize the pool covers as per our customers’ specifications. Tailor-made as per the exact dimensions provided by our customers, our bespoke covers offer optimum coverage with their form-fitting silhouette and help add to your landscape’s aesthetics. Furthermore, we make the daunting task of installation a breeze by equipping our inground pool covers with rustproof brass grommets. Provided all around the periphery of the pool covers, the grommets facilitate convenient installation. For an adjustable grip, you may simply thread a strong rope through the rustproof grommets or get a set of accessories at an additional cost.

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