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Custom Grecian Pool Covers to Maintain the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Pool

Grecian pools are the epitome of a relaxed and balmy retreat. The classic rectangular structure endowed with truncated corners or semi-circles at the end or sides is a surefire hit for decors rendering timeless appeal. As intriguing as its shape is, sheathing it with a regular cover is equally difficult. For optimum coverage and foolproof security from the outside elements, a custom-made cover only fits the bill. Made-to-measure as per the precise measurements of the pool, Covers & All’s Grecian pool covers are designed to serve the purpose. Crafted to cover all the variances such as pools with steps, no steps and steps at the center, left and right sides, our tailor-made pool covers are designed to provide overall protection from dust, dirt, leaf litter, critters and more. You can easily fill in the specific measurements and get the swimming pool covers made exclusively for you.

Grecian Inground Pool Covers are Made of Breathable Knitted Fabric

Suitable for all weather conditions, our inground pool covers are made of 400 D breathable knitted fabric. While keeping the pool safe from litter, the covers help maintain proper air circulation. Maintaining correct water balance is important to keep damage off the pool’s surface and equipment and ensure ultraviolet radiation doesn’t harm your skin or eyes. Our UV-resistant and breathable covers help limit exposure, maintaining the water temperature and reducing heat loss or evaporation. They are designed to block around 85% of UV rays.

Our Light-Weight Swimming Pool Covers are Convenient to Install

Our swimming pool covers weighing 5 oz are lightweight and portable. They can be installed without any hassle. For effective tethering, they are further provided with sturdy grommets all around the periphery. You can easily slide a strong rope right through the grommets to anchor the covers. Choose from an array of functional tie-down accessories at an additional cost. Our accessory kit includes brass anchor, stainless steel spring, stainless steel buckle, Allen wrench, aluminum tamping tool and installation rod for hassle-free tethering. Since covers are susceptible to tears and abrasion while installation and during regular usage, our Grecian pool covers are designed to be tearproof and resistant to scratches, slits, cuts, ripping and more. They are further reinforced with 2 years of warranty.

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