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Coversandall ConcreteBlanket01 ConcreteBlanket01 Shop online concrete blankets in custom sizes. Made of high tensile, tear, water & UV resistant fabric, concrete blankets are easy to personalize. https://cdn.coversandall.ca/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/c/o/concrete-blanket-black.jpg
    • Made of 700D, HDPE woven laminated insulated tarp material.
    • Highly durable concrete curing blankets suitable for extreme weather conditions.
    • Comes in waterproof & UV resistant fabric.
    • Equipped with easy access handles for seamless removal & cleaning.

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Highly Durable Concrete Curing Blankets Made of Water & UV Resistant Fabric

Since concrete mixture freezes in the cold weather causing structural damage, concrete curing blankets provide needed insulation and allow curing to occur hassle-free. Covers & All offers a robust selection of concrete curing blankets that lock in heat while keeping the cold out leaving you with strong and sturdy concrete structures. Our concrete blankets prevent water from freezing and enable the curing process by keeping the concrete at optimal curing temperature in extremely cold weather conditions.

Our high-quality concrete curing blankets are made up of 700D, HDPE woven laminated material. The robust material is endowed with a high strength-to-weight ratio and is resistant to tears and punctures.

Waterproof and UV resistant, our high-tensile concrete curing blankets are ideal for extreme weather conditions. They can easily withstand extremely cold temperatures, heavy rain, snow, and the scorching heat of the sun. They won’t appear dull or jaded even after getting exposed to harmful UV sun rays in the long run. Besides this, our concrete blankets are resistant to mildew and prevent mold growth. Thereby, keeping your concrete structures well in shape.

While our cement blankets are fully weatherproof, the water may seep in through the seams. Consider keeping airbags under the blankets/covers to tent up so that water puddles around the seams get drained off easily leaving your concrete dry. A curing blanket can also be used as a water barrier for the ground and as a scaffolding cover.

Concrete Blankets Available in Custom Sizes

Catering to diverse choices and construction requirements, we offer concrete curing blankets in custom sizes. As keeping the moisture and heat trapped inside the concrete blanket is important for the process of curing to occur properly, the precise size of the curing blankets matters a lot. Even if there’s a small area left exposed, concrete heat will escape. You can easily order bespoke cement blankets in the exact dimensions of the concrete area needed to be covered using our online guide.

Besides getting the cement blankets in custom sizes, you can get them personalized with a name, logo, text, design, or artwork of your choice. You can upload your image/text or even design it online following our online guide.

Superior-Quality Concrete Blankets Come with Easy Tie-Down Solutions

Our superior-quality concrete blankets are convenient to use and easy to transport. Equipped with easy access handles, grommets tie-down options, our curing blankets are easy to lay and remove. To precisely cover your concrete area and make sure the concrete blankets remain in place even in the harsh weather, you can customize the position of the grommets and D rings choosing from the varied options provided on our website. To get strong and impeccable concrete structures, order our bespoke concrete curing blankets now!

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