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Heavy-duty Covers For Your Furniture & Machines

How often do we worry about our pool table or golf cart, or even the skylight and chimney braving the elements out in the open, or when not in use? Everything in the house, be it indoors or outdoors, from air conditioners to sofa sets, gas snow blowers, birdbaths, bicycles, and luggage carts, needs to be maintained and protected from moisture and other hazards that the weather often unleashes on us.

Covers & All has the ideal solution for you with its durable, high-quality covers. These come in an excellent fabric with top-quality stitching styles to keep your Furniture and Machines safe, fresh and looking like new.

Furniture & Machine Covers Are Easy Maintenance & Keep Dust & Debris Away

Customized to fit in like a glove and offering optimum protection, our covers ensure that your Furniture and Machines remain free from scratches, dust, and debris. Their easy-to-access handles help to easily remove the cover from the furniture or equipment. They also allow for enough airflow that guards against the formation of mould and mildew.

Our durable and long-lasting covers are made of waterproof & UV resistant material that ensures year-round protection. Resistant to tear and abrasion, these covers have a vinyl texture.

Personalize Your Furniture & Machine Covers With Your Name Or Logo Of Your Choice

You have the option of choosing your covers from a range of fabrics and colours. Let our covers reflect your personal taste and style with a personalized logo, symbol, graphic, or a quote printed on them.

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