Grecian Pool Cover - Center Steps

Coversandall PoolCover03 PoolCover03 Shop for Center Steps Grecian Pool Cover made of UV, tear & abrasion resistant fabric to protect your pool from dirt and debris and keep children out of your pool. Free shipping on orders over $99! https://cdn.coversandall.ca/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/g/r/grecian-pool_cover-centre-step-ps-2.jpg

Keep your Grecian Pool Spanking New with Grecian Pool Covers – Centre Steps

  • We use 400 D, breathable knitted fabric to craft these covers.
  • Comes with accessories and a storage bag at no additional cost.
  • Make sure to stand at the shallow end, facing the deep end for correct measurements of the pool cover.
  • In case of obstructions, upload your pool's image for a custom-fit finish.
  • Refer to the installation guide for a quick and easy set up.

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Grecian Pool Cover - Center Steps

Grecian Pool Cover - Center Steps

  • Grecian Pool Cover - Center Steps

    Grecian Pool Cover - Center Steps

  • Grecian Pool Cover - Left/Right Corner Steps

    Grecian Pool Cover - Left/Right Corner Steps

  • Grecian Pool Cover - No Steps

    Grecian Pool Cover - No Steps

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Resilient Grecian Pool Covers are Breathable & Tearproof

If your backyard boasts of a captivating Grecian pool, make sure to sheath it in the off-season to maintain its allure. Covers & All’s Grecian pool covers – centre steps available in custom sizes are the perfect solution to safeguard your pool and eliminate the chances of accidental falling of an unsupervised child or pet.

Our custom Grecian pool covers with centre steps are suitable for all weather conditions. They can easily brave the scorching sun, torrential rain and heavy snow. You just need to spread the cover over the pool area and protect it from falling debris, dust, dirt and leaf litter. Our covers act as a barrier and help keep pool water clean and safe for you and your kids to enjoy plunging and splashing.

We use 400 D breathable knitted fabric to craft our swimming pool covers. These are ideal for maintaining water temperature by letting the heat easily escape through them. The woven material further aids in regulating air circulation while shading the pool water from searing heat on hot days. During winters, the covers help filter in the sun’s rays keeping the water warm in winter. Additionally, they help filter out foul odours often associated with stagnant water.

Our inground pool covers are designed to be UV resistant. They block 85% of ultraviolet radiation, keeping your pool safe and protected from the harmful effects of the scorching sun. As ultraviolet radiation impacts the chlorine levels of pool water, it requires frequent replenishment which further increases the effort and cost. Our centre steps Grecian pool covers help block out ultraviolet rays, preventing chlorine’s rapid evaporation and harmful effects on eyes and skin.

Our Tearproof Grecian Pool Covers with Centre Steps are Easy to Install

Our high-tensile inground pools are designed to be tear and abrasion-resistant. They can easily withstand tensity and extra pull while installation. They stay durable and do not get cut, torn or ripped apart, especially from the edges even after prolonged usage. Additionally, our covers are scratch and abrasion-resistant. No flying debris or extensive usage can mar the covers’ finesse and finish. The durability of our covers is backed by up to 2 years of warranty.

Our lightweight Grecian inground pool covers weigh 5 oz. They are portable and convenient to use. To further facilitate easy installation, our covers come equipped with rustproof grommets all around the periphery. Just slip a rope through the grommets to tether the cover from all around the edges to ensure foolproof security. We also provide additional accessories for fixing it. You can get the kit for a nominal price range.

Our Custom-Sized Grecian Pool Covers are Available in Custom Sizes

Understanding the need for optimum coverage and protection, we provide our Grecian inground pool covers in custom sizes. You can easily customize the size using the customization service and get tailor-made covers crafted exclusively for your pool. While inputting the dimensions, don’t forget to include the steps area. Our covers are suitable for pools with centre steps. Just use our measuring guide, input the required dimensions, select the accessory kit and get doorstep delivery in no time. So, what are you waiting for! Order your perfect Grecian pool covers now.

Our covers ensure optimum coverage and maximum protection only when they are properly installed. For impeccable installation, please refer to our pool installation guide

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