Oval Pool Cover - Left/Right Steps

Coversandall PoolCover11 PoolCover11 Shop for Left/Right Steps Oval Pool Cover made of 400 denier, breathable knitted, tear & abrasion resistant fabric to protect your pool from dirt and debris and keep children out of your pool. Free shipping on orders over $99! https://cdn.coversandall.ca/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/o/v/oval-pool-cover-left-right-steps-ps-2.jpg

Use Oval Pool Cover – Left/Right Steps for Clean & Hygienic Pools

  • Made of 400 D, breathable knitted fabric.
  • Comes with accessories and a storage bag at no additional cost.
  • Make sure to stand at the shallow end, facing the deep end for correct measurements of the pool cover.
  • In case of obstructions, upload your pool's image for a custom-fit finish.
  • Refer to the installation guide for a quick and easy set up.

Select Your Shape

Oval Pool Cover - Left/Right Steps

Oval Pool Cover - Left/Right Steps

  • Oval Pool Cover - Left/Right Steps

    Oval Pool Cover - Left/Right Steps

  • Oval Pool Cover - Center Steps

    Oval Pool Cover - Center Steps

  • Oval Pool Cover - No Steps

    Oval Pool Cover - No Steps


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Our Oval Pool Covers Feature Breathable Knitted Fabric

Tired of skimming leaves and debris from your pool every day to make it swim-ready? Covers & All’s robust swimming pool covers save you the hassle of regular upkeep by keeping debris and dirt out. Our custom-sized oval pool covers – left/right steps are the perfect solution to cover your pool in-season and when winterizing. The all-weather material keeps your pool and its chemistry balanced all season round.

We use durable 400 D knitted material to craft our oval pool covers. The premium fabric is breathable and allows the of air and sunlight with ease. This further aids in maintaining the water temperature season-wise. By shading the pool, the covers help keep the water cool in summer. Whereas its woven texture, warms the water in the winters by letting the sunlight in.

With these woven pool covers, you need not face the hassle of pumping out stagnant water on the covers. Despite torrential rain or heavy snow, the water doesn’t get accumulated on the covers. It seeps down into the pool while filtering out the dirt and undesirable debris such as dead leaves, broken twigs and more.

We design our custom swimming pool covers with left/right steps to be UV resistant. They offer 85% UV blockage as long exposure to UV light can degrade the chlorine – disturbing the pool’s chemical balance. Our inground pool covers maintain pool’s chemistry, saving you the hassle of frequently replenishing the chlorine for enhanced sanitization and prevent Algae growth.

Our Lightweight Swimming Pool Covers are Reusable & Tearproof

Heavy pool covers add to the inconvenience by making installation a Herculean task. But we designed our oval pool covers to be lightweight. With a 5 oz weight, maneuvering these covers is a cakewalk. As they are provided with grommets all around the periphery, tethering them using a rope is convenient. For foolproof security and a tighter grip, the oval swimming pool covers can be fixed using myriad accessories available along with the cover at additional cost.

The convenient process of setting up these covers makes them reusable. Additionally, their tear and abrasion-resistant property adds to the durability and reusability of the covers. When folded and stored for a longer period, the covers won’t rip or cut even from the edges.

Get Any Sized Oval Swimming Pool Covers at Covers & All

Crafted to offer maximum customer satisfaction, our oval swimming pool covers are available in custom sizes. Considering the need for sheathing different-sized pools, we offer custom-made inground pool covers in specific dimensions. You can even customize the position of the steps according to your pool’s design. Just select the left or right steps to include their area in the cover. Ordering with us is simple. Just input the dimensions, select the area for the left/right steps, choose accessories if you want and order now!

Our covers ensure optimum coverage and maximum protection only when they are properly installed. For impeccable installation, please refer to our pool installation guide

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